Bot! zine - Issue #75

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm totally blown away by the stats in the Recode article on Resistbot -- I'v
Bot! zine - Issue #75
By Bot! zine • Issue #75
Happy Monday, everyone! I’m totally blown away by the stats in the Recode article on Resistbot – I’ve been using it regularly to fax (FAX!) my members of Congress, and it looks like many of you are as well. 
To me, this is the perfect use case for a bot – automating a task that’s extremely annoying yet also very beneficial to the user. Who has the time to craft a letter, let alone find a fax machine? The bot takes care of all of it for you. 
Have a great week, and see you all in Botmakers!

Required Reading
This is how The New York Times is using bots to create more one-to-one experiences with readers
“I’m not worried about this technology driving the humanity out of journalism. I’m really excited about the promise of technology bringing more humanity to journalism.” Also: a Michael Barbaro bot.
Voters have faxed 800,000 pages of political opinions to their elected officials using Resistbot
Plus, the tool’s creators are introducing new ways for voters to raise their voices in politics.
5 ways chatbots are maturing in 2017
With more and more people using chat to communicate in their work and everyday life, bots are becoming an important user interface that lets brands to connect with their users, as well as a great way to enable business workflows.
To get Facebook to feature your bot in the Discover tab, fill out the Discover submission form located in Page settings on Facebook, Larionov told developers at F8 last week. The submission process for bots to be featured in the Discover tab was opened last Tuesday, shortly after the launch of Messenger Platform 2.0. Developers have one more week to apply before the service is promoted to the broader public.
Nuzzel Brings Newsletters to 1.2 Billion Messenger Users
Now Nuzzel has extended our innovative newsletter platform to provide distribution of daily newsletters to the 1.2 billion users of Facebook Messenger. Nuzzel’s new bot for Messenger allows subscribers to any of Nuzzel’s curated newsletters, or “Best of Nuzzel”, to receive top stories in business, technology, and media directly via Messenger every morning.  •  Share
Think you’re just talking to an AI? Humans are more likely to trust an algorithm than a human, but the smart ‘bots’ you’re trusting (and abusing) most likely have humans behind them.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Feeld App Slack Bot Lets You Flirt With Your Office Crush
Feeld’s newest feature seems like an HR nightmare waiting to happen.
6 Bots That Deliver Science and Serendipity on Twitter
Not all Twitter bots are trying to spam, hack or peddle you fake news. Some are works of creativity, programmed to tweet diagrams of imaginary bird migrations or haikus composed of words scavenged from surveys of marine mammals.
Bot Framework Documentation
Microsoft has revamped their Bot Framework docs, so check out the new hotness!
Google Assistant SDK launches for developers and device makers
Google today opened the software development kit (SDK) of its Google Assistant, allowing tinkerers and companies making devices to incorporate Google Assistant into products like smart speakers, cars, or robots.
5/1 Chatbot Strategies, Use Cases & Success Stories - NYC Data Driven Business
Chatbots are an important development with uses across the business landscape. Hot off her visit to Facebook’s F8 conference, Megan Berry, Head of Product at Octane AI joins us to discuss chatbot use cases, types of chatbots, strategy, best practices, and how Octane AI can be used by anyone to make a Facebook Messenger chatbot.
Some of the best and most popular bot building tools and software will be presented by their creators. Botpress is the fastest growing open source bot platform. Broid's one message format for all messenging platform is increasingly popular, and Wordhop offers a neat and clever way to bring “humans in the loop” when your bot users need it.
5/2 Designing Voice and multi-user chatbots - Chatbots and AI - New York and Global Meetup
Our May meetup will feature start-ups on the cutting edge of design interfaces, one on voice applications and another on multi-user chatbots.
5/3 AI Breakfast for Entrepreneurs with Amir Shevat - CREATORS (Tel Aviv-Yafo)
Join us for great food and great, PRACTICAL talk about AI, conversational revolution and the future of work.
The fine folks from Condé Nast have invited us for an evening of thoughtful bot-filled presentations and networking at their brand new offices on East 6th Street. Please show up on time, because this month’s programming is stacked…and not to miss!
5/4 Create Smarter Bots with MSFT - AI.LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Botmasters - Katherine Harris & Daniel Egan - Microsoft Technical Evangelists will be teaching us how to develop a smarter bot using Microsoft’s bot framework and cognitive services. The goal is to build better, smarter bots that serve a purpose in our every day lives.
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