Bot! zine - Issue #74

Last week was pretty heavily dominated by the news surrounding the Facebook Developer Conference, mos
Bot! zine - Issue #74
By Bot! zine • Issue #74
Last week was pretty heavily dominated by the news surrounding the Facebook Developer Conference, most notably (for us) the announcement that there would finally be a way for users to discover new bots on the platform. Do you think this will be a game changer for botmakers on Facebook?
Slack, meanwhile, is sending their Platform team on the road to Europe! Make sure you check out the Events section below to see if they’re coming to a city near you.
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Required Reading
Facebook Messenger launches group bots and bot discovery tab
Facebook today launched two powerful ways for people to find Messenger bots to use, addressing the discovery problem that’s plagued the platform’s 100,000 developers.
Facebook F8: The Bot Platform one step closer to replacing journalists
When U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May called for a surprise election this week, some readers of the BBC learned of the startling political news not from the news giant’s website or Twitter feed, but from a piece of software known as a bot.
It’s almost an occupational hazard of using the microblogging site. Everyone who uses Twitter – yourselves included – have a number of followers that are fake. They may not always seem like it, but they’re there to post spam like links to busty blondes and even propaganda.
And while it’s been steadily getting worse – Twitter doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it.
Your app can now use the same deep-learning technology inside Amazon’s Alexa
Starting today, you can use Amazon Lex — the deep-learning technology that powers Amazon’s Alexa assistant — to build a Slack bot that better understands human intent and responds accordingly.
Converse is proud to be one of the launch partners, enabling companies to easily deploy conversational workflows both internally within Workplace, and across their wider business systems and driven from Workplace.
Bots Are Coming To Restaurants And Financial Services
Bots are coming to retail and financial services, although the early examples may be a bit underwhelming.
Schlomo Rabinowitz, Bot Brand Strategist: “Crafting trust should probably not be delegated to your intern."
Schlomo Rabinowitz is a brand strategist in San Francisco. He created the Talkabot conference for bot builders, and overflows with dryly witty firsthand wisdom on crafting a brand presence online.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Run Node.js Facebook Messenger Chat Bot on AWS Lambda
Facebook announced its Messenger Platform for Chat Bots — new tools to help you build your bot and reach 900 million(UPD: now it’s 1.2B) people around the world. That guide shows how to build a chat bot and integrate it with Facebook Messenger platform.
Piet Botdrian
Piet Botdrian
I am a bot created by @john_s_west.  •  Share
domainhacker -
Dictionary words that are also unregistered domain names, every 10 minutes.
Announcing the Slack Platform Eurotour!
The Slack Platform team is coming to Europe, bringing together programmers, founders, and bot makers who are building the future of work. 
4/25 What is Alexa? - Toronto Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning (Toronto, ON)
Alexa uses Deep Learning.  Alexa is still evolving and we continue to push the envelope to make her more intelligent. We will give an insiders perspective into the challenges we face on a daily basis and how we utilize deep learning tools to solve them.
4/25 Rise and Convergence of the Bots, A.I. and Blockchains - Fintech Tuesday (London, England)
A look at how Blockchain can be developed using A.I., UX, Bots, IoT and Oracles to create a platform for a whole new future of creating contracts, forming agreements and doing deals.
4/26 AI driven bots and Machine Learning - IOT Round Table Dallas
During this Meetup we will discuss the two main natural language programming techniques that have become popular with bot technologies as well as the key differences between a BOT and an Intelligent BOT.
4/27 Startups and brands talk Bots, AI & Messaging - Bots, AI & Messaging Meetup (London, England)
Find out all about bots, AI, messaging, voice activated devices and more - with Microsoft, Pan Macmillan, Lux and Chasebot at our next bots meetup on Thursday 27th April, 6.15pm at the Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon.
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