Bot! zine - Issue #73

Happy Monday! Lots to get to, so I won't keep you too much. I loved the title of the first story, but
Bot! zine - Issue #73
By Bot! zine • Issue #73
Happy Monday! Lots to get to, so I won’t keep you too much. I loved the title of the first story, but it’s a little misleading considering they only interviewed 1000 people who already use voice assistants. 
Anyway, who am I to judge? 💙 🤖

Required Reading
JWT study 1 in 4 people have fantasised about Alexa, Siri, and their other AI friends
A study of more than a thousand voice technology users found that 26% of them have had a sexual fantasy about a voice assistant, which include the likes of Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. What those sexual fantasies were isn’t clear, but it’s an alarming number of people all the same. Founder Dennis Mortensen: AI Can Free Us All To Do Real Work
Our virtual assistants Amy (and her brother Andrew) were born out of the pain I had when we were in our previous venture at Visual Revenue, which we sold to Outbrain in early 2013.
How to find the balance between bots and customer service agentse
Consumers today have high expectations for customer service. They want service that is fast, personalized, and available wherever they are. Companies want to provide great service, but with new channels such as web chat, messaging apps, and in-app support cropping up, it’s hard for companies to know where to invest their customer service dollars.
AI picks up racial and gender biases when learning from what humans write
Artificial intelligence picks up racial and gender biases when learning language from text, researchers say. Without any supervision, a machine learning algorithm learns to associate female names…
Facebook Says: 3 Steps to Build a Winning Messenger Bot
Anyone can set up and configure a bot for Messenger. But in the year since the Bots for Messenger platform was launched, many companies and people have learned that just having a bot is like just having an app: If you build it, they might come. And they’ll probably leave.
Payments is the 'killer app' for chatbots
Integrating payments capabilities into messaging apps could be the key to making chatbots the next big platform, according to Kik CEO Ted Livingston.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Build an interactive Slack app with message menus
If communication is the heart of everything we do at work, messages in Slack are the canvas for your app to meet users right where they’re working. From unfurls to message buttons and slash commands…  •  Share
Beyond busy – Slack Platform Blog
People’s lives at work are more nuanced than simply being “away” or “busy.” To help users in Slack add context around what they’re doing or why they’re not available, your app can write a custom…
As part of our long running series on Natural Language Understanding and the tools available to bring your bot to life, we are excited to have Matt Dotson of Microsoft LUIS present on April 20th.
World Bot Meetup - F8 Edition - 
Bot Developers Meetup
We’re throwing the first World Bot Meetup!
International experts from all over the world will talk about the culture, community, landscape, size of market,
Building a Node Slack Bot, Auth & Databases w Angular + Firebase, LintingMFAO (Raleigh, NC)
Join us for a JS filled Modern.Web event!
This is a quarterly event co-hosted with all other JS meetups in the area. Our co-hosts include Triangle JavaScri
We are happy to invite you to New York’s leading Microsoft Azure User Group Meetup - designed to bring together New York’s Microsoft Azure development and
Hey Austin bot enthusiasts,
Are you still recovering from SXSW? Let’s meet up for coffee and/or beers and talk about what we saw and learned last month. We
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