Bot! zine - Issue #70

Happy Monday, everyone! My favorite story this week is about robocall bots -- those pesky dialers tha
Bot! zine - Issue #70
By Bot! zine • Issue #70
Happy Monday, everyone! My favorite story this week is about robocall bots – those pesky dialers that sound like convincingly inept call center humans… until you realize you’ve been duped into buying a timeshare or something.
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Required Reading
Designing a Chatbot Conversation: UX Design Process Case Study
This case study outlines the high-level design process, phased approach, and key deliverables associated with the definition, facilitation, and development of the conversational, chatbot experience.
Whatever you do, don’t say yes when this chatbot asks, 'Can you hear me?'
This scam is an indication of what can be expected from scammers and telemarketers as automated “conversational agents” play an increasingly large role in interacting with humans.
What Bots Can Do, that websites and apps can’t
Build something that *only* bots can do that websites and apps can’t
Customer Service Chatbots Are About to Become Frighteningly Realistic
A startup gives chatbots and virtual assistants realistic facial expressions and the ability to read yours.
Maintaining context in chatbots
One of the harder problems that chatbot developers face is, how to maintain the context of conversation. While all the popular frameworks provide an opinionated take on how to maintain this context, none of them seem to be either simple or complete.
Here let me introduce a reactive approach to maintain the context.
Microsoft has learned a lot about chatbot technology since the unfortunate rollout of the short-lived “Tay” chatbot one year ago this week, when Internet users were able to teach Tay to make racist and misogynistic remarks. This weekend, the company offered insights on the lessons learned from that experience, as well as the huge amount of artificial intelligence work Microsoft is now undertaking.
Phil Libin, Managing Director at General Catalyst, and Matt Hartman, Partner at Betaworks Ventures sat down to talk about venture capital and the bot ecosystem at Botness Enterprise during SXSW. The first question: what didn’t work in 2016? The answer: Bots went according to plan, and everything else did not. 
Lessons from Botness Enterprise and Building Better Bots for the Workplace
With the recent launches of Slack’s Enterprise Grid, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Spark 2.0, all within a month or two of each other, and with bots as a major feature and service offering in all of them, things are looking bright.
Goals Reports: How to Track Your Progress Automatically
Have trouble setting and tracking goals for your business or yourself? And what if you have thousands of data points coming from multiple data sources? 
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
BotMock - Design Bot Conversations Mocks & Flows
Create interactive high-fidelity bot prototypes and conversation flows that work like your bot should. No coding required.  •  Share
Build an Alexa Skill in 7 Minutes Flat with Node.js and StdLib
We’re excited to share our product with you— StdLib is the fastest, easiest way to get started building Alexa Skills, from newbie to veteran developers.
Best AI and chatbot conferences in 2017
We at Standuply, while working hard on a Slack bot for Agile teams, like to have fun and make some noise. Since we are excited about AI and bots, we would like to get to know others who feel the same. So we have an idea:
What if we can have a single list of conferences and their participants in AI and chatbot space?  •  Share
2/28 Bot Spotlight Demo Day in San Francisco - Botanalytics Bot Fellows (San Francisco, CA)
All bot enthusiasts! We’re inviting you to our “Bot Spotlight” Demo Day with 500 Startups event in San Francisco. Pitch with your demo and get feedback for your growth. 
In this meetup we will informally talk about chatbots - what are they, why are they needed and how to build one. Members share their experience in building bots through an informal discussion.
3/29 Bots on the Roof! - #Chatbots World (Tel Aviv-Yafo)
We’re happy to let you know that we’ve partnered with IBM and Codemotion for our next meetup “Bots on the Roof”
Join us next Wednesday, 29/3 at 18:30 on the roof of Lool Ventures in Tel Aviv.
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