Bot! zine - Issue #68

Hello everyone! Many of you are at Botness Enterprise at SXSW in Austin, TX this week, so I hope you'
Bot! zine - Issue #68
By Bot! zine • Issue #68
Hello everyone! Many of you are at Botness Enterprise at SXSW in Austin, TX this week, so I hope you’re enjoying the great talks (and BBQ) that the event has to offer! 
For the rest of us, please enjoy the newsletter this week. If you’re interested in becoming more involved with Botwiki, we could really use a hand working through the submissions! Send me an email by replying here, or send a DM to @botwikidotorg
Have a great week!!

Required Reading
The truth about gender-neutral bots – diversity in tech
The debate about gender and bots is one that doesn’t look like it will die down anytime soon. The hard reality is that bots are here to stay, and the sooner we acknowledge the pervasiveness they will have in normal people’s daily lives, the faster we realize that the conversations we are having about gender…
‘Robot lawyer’ DoNotPay is giving free legal aid to refugees seeking asylum in US and Canada, and asylum support in UK
Leila Johnston on the Beauty of Bots: Taking a Look at The Many Faces of A.I
via @revdancatt on Botmakers:
From the heartfelt gibberish of SeeBotsChat to the teenaged naivety of Eugene Goostman, the first machine to fool the human judges in the Turing test in 2014, (his opening line: “You’re a woman, if I’m not mistaken…”), there’s something about bots that charms the socks off people.
Since Twitter currently has 319 million monthly active users, that translates to nearly 48 million bot accounts, using USC’s high-end estimate.
The report goes on to say that complex bots could have shown up as humans in their model, “making even the 15% figure a conservative estimate.”  •  Share
In few years, Hudson says, bots will be everywhere just like automated phone menus.
Chris Messina: We can all turn into Iron Man thanks to bots
Chris Messina’s MessinaBot gives him superhuman powers, like the ability to send 320,000 messages without having to personally respond.
Tom Coates on conversational devices
The O’Reilly Bots Podcast: Conversational interfaces for the Internet of Things.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Introducing the New Yorker Poetry Bot
The New Yorker introduces its Poetry Bot, a new way to discover, read, listen to and share poetry from the magazine’s archive.
RelativeBot (@relativebot)
I compare the sizes of random things! Idea by @NoraReed, programming by @zarkonnen_com
@Leonardo_UPRM/Activist Bots on Twitter
I made a list of activist bots (it includes protest bots, but broader). Am I missing any good ones?
Erick Brethenoux, the Director of Analytics Strategy for IBM, will be joining us on Monday, March 13th at WeWork River North to share his perspective on the A.I. powered bot landscape. RSVP today.
3/14 Chatbots Marketing - case studies from the field - TLV Marketing Chatbots (Tel Aviv-Yafo)
Amit Dadush, Head of products & Business development at “Yes”, and Udi Cohen, innovation manager from” Leumi”, will share their insights from successfully incorporating chatbots.
Are you interested in the future of chatbots and conversational UI or how AI is shaping both natural language understanding and providing compelling new services?
This hands on session will cover the basics of creating a bot for Amazon Alexa. We will cover a potential development workflow, setup on Amazon, and instrumenting a production environment for further improvement. The Meetup will be directed by Jimmie Aaron Butler ([masked]), the co-founder at Utu Intelligence, a company that is building a bot analytics platform, and working to help developers build better bots.
After a short break in February due to the exams we are happy to announce to you our new Meetup this month. This time we want to talk about AI and Chatbots and give you an insight on how to implement common AI frameworks into modern Bots and how modern Chatbots are built.
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