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Bot! zine - Issue #67

It's another beautiful Monday morning in the land of bots! Hope you had a great weekend.I definitely
Bot! zine - Issue #67
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It’s another beautiful Monday morning in the land of bots! Hope you had a great weekend.
I definitely recommend trying out the interactive article immediately below the intro here this week. I saw it posted by Chris Messina on Twitter, and I think it’s a pretty innovative new method for storytelling. It was also somewhat distracting, but maybe we’re less bothered by that kind of thing these days!
Let me know what you think – as always, reply back to this email with any suggestions for the newsletter, I love hearing from you!

Required Reading
Technology Imitates Art: The Rise of the Conversational Interface
PullString Announces Support for Actions on Google.
Facebook artificial intelligence spots suicidal users - BBC News
5 Fun facts about 100.000 users chatting with a cat
Robots won't just take our jobs – they'll make the rich even richer
Octane AI opens to the public, launches Convos feature to bring blog posts into Messenger
How millions of kids are being shaped by know-it-all voice assistants
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
i am a [  ] [  ] (@ablankblank)
Changelog - Messenger Platform - Documentation - Facebook for Developers
There is a bot for that!
Make a Skype Bot with Electron & the Microsoft Bot Framework
3/6 Tech Square Labs   –  Build a Twitter Bot with Basic Python
3/9 Startups and brands talk Bots, AI & Messaging - Bots, AI & Messaging Meetup (London, England)
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