Bot! zine - Issue #66

Thanks to all of you who have been writing in to say you're enjoying the newsletter! It's easy to for
Bot! zine - Issue #66
By Bot! zine • Issue #66
Thanks to all of you who have been writing in to say you’re enjoying the newsletter! It’s easy to forget that there are other humans out there in the world when you’re so focused on bots 🤖
SXSW is coming up soon, which means the bots will be in attendance for both SXSWi and Botness Enterprise. Make sure you check out the events listing at the end of the newsletter, and make sure you don’t miss all the great speakers there this year!
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Required Reading
We tested Apple's Siri, Amazon Echo's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana, and Google's Google Home to see which personal assistant bots stand up for themselves in the face of sexual harassment
Women have been made into servants once again. Except this time, they’re digital. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Google Home peddle stereotypes of female subservience—which puts their “progressive” parent companies in a moral predicament.  •  Share
Facebook scales back AI flagship after chatbots hit 70% f-AI-lure rate
So it begins. Facebook has scaled back its ambitions and refocussed its application of “artificial intelligence” after its AI bots hit a 70 per cent failure rate.
The State of Chatbots 2017
In the first part of this series, we looked at why chatbots are a hotspot for technology investment and development: they can service a vast number of people in realtime, compared to human staff. They don’t require anyone to use a new app or learn a new interface. Most important, they can be where those billions of people already are: Thumb-typing to one another, especially on Facebook Messenger.
8 ways to build a better business bot | VentureBeat
As we enter the second year of the bot industry, entrepreneurs and investors are wondering about how bots will generate revenue and become sustainable businesses. In this article I will review the direct and indirect ways that bots can drive revenue to a business. It is important to note that this is far from a comprehensive list, as I am sure entrepreneurs will come up with many other ways to make money in this industry.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Sometimes for bot makers it’s a pain to integrate some tools into their bots by updating their codes. As we listened to our community and solved that problem. As of now, Facebook Messenger bot makers can integrate their bots without dealing with codes on Botanalytics. We’re happy to announce our new feature which we’ve been working for a while: Botanalytics Codeless.  •  Share
Tars - Create chatbots with no Programming Knowledge at all
We help you make chatbots to replace webforms – no coding required
Dashbot Analytics for your Chatfuel Facebook Bot, In Five Minutes. Without coding.
Do you use Chatfuel** to create your bot on Facebook? Do you want Dashbot’s conversational analytics for your bot? Now you can easily integrate Dashbot without touching any code. First, go to https:…
Today we’re releasing two new tools for Node and Python that enhance and simplify our Events API.  •  Share
PersonaDB: The cloud database for chatbots
We’ve launched PersonaDB — an easy to use cloud-based historical/temporal key/value database API for bots to keep state on their users. The state (collection of dimensions/facts) of a person is called a persona — hence the name PersonaDB. 😉
Emoji Aquarium (@EmojiAquarium)
I am a bot. Every few hours, I show you a tiny aquarium full of interesting fishies. Please do not tap the glass. Made by @JoeSondow
Everything you need to know about bots at SXSW 2017
One of the biggest tech trends shaping up at this year’s SXSW is bots. 2016 was undoubtedly the year of bots, with nearly every social network and messaging service making a play to attract bot developers. Panels at SXSW are predictably taking on the bot craze, but the question that seems to be driving much of the conversation is: What now?
2/28 An Evening of Bots and Robotics - WooWeb (Worcester, England)| Meetup
February’s meetup is now confirmed and will be excited to take a deeper look into bots that may fundamentally change how we interact with applications and look at robotics in general, with Martin Kearn and Dan Atkinson
3/1 🤖  Bots, Bots, Bots: Getting Started with Bots with Nastassia Rashid 🤖 - Women Who Code Vancouver
Have you been hearing about bots and don’t understand what the big deal is? Come and see out how bots can make your user experience simpler, easier and more fun! We’ll explore some of the basic do’s and don’ts of building bots using some real world examples and firsthand experience (and mistakes). Find out how to get started building your very own bot using the Microsoft bot framework and how to take your bot from simple to smart using Microsoft Cognitive Services.
3/2 The Design of Conversation Bots & AI | Tommy Lewis, Microsoft - BrainStation Vancouver
In this session, we will start by looking at why now is the time for us to consider designing and building bots, how we should conceptually design them and what makes a good bot. Then we will talk about tools we can use to build simple bots that can give us baby otter pics to complex bots that use machine-base AI that can recognize your emotions.
3/2 Bots 101 - How Conversational UI is Changing Technology - Women in Digital Toronto
Join Microsoft Tech Evangelist Sage Franch to explore today’s ecosystem of bots, learn how cognitive computing makes bots intelligent, and take a glimpse into the future of everyday AI.
3/3 March Meetup: Chatbot User Retention - Bots, Growth, and Monetization (San Francisco, CA)
For our first meetup we will have a panel of chatbot creators share their thoughts and solutions on retaining chatbot users after the first conversation.
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