Bot! zine - Issue #65

Happy rainy Monday from San Francisco! 🌧I had a cool experience this morning (I am the only person I
Bot! zine - Issue #65
By Bot! zine • Issue #65
Happy rainy Monday from San Francisco! 🌧
I had a cool experience this morning (I am the only person I know who would call this “cool,” I bet). I received a text message from Grubhub asking me to give feedback on my order from last night. 
Something about just responding to the text using yes/no felt so much better than responding to an email survey – I probably would have just deleted an email. 
Have you experienced any cool or unexpected bot interactions recently? Let me know!

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Calling all Middle East and Africa developers to join the Bots for Messenger Challenge!
For many years, Facebook has promoted innovation across the Middle East and Africa, providing startups with the tools they need to build, grow, monetize and measure. Facebook grew out of a hacker culture, and we thrive on finding and promoting innovation on new platforms. That’s why we’re launching the Bots for Messenger Challenge.
ReplyYes raises $6.5 million to sell stuff via bots and AI, with human help
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Bots are the new big thing in Social Media and quickly changing the way we interact with services. These bots or chatbots are lightweight apps which live within messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Kik, Viber, LINE, Telegram or other messaging apps. The 2017 edition of David Pichsenmeister’s annual Bot Trends report covers today’s messaging growth and an in-depth look into bot trends in 2017.  •  Share
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New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Ten months ago, I made a digital clone of myself. Now, she’s back.
I created a simple scripted ‘mebot’ last year dubbed SandiMacBot, that allowed you to have a conversation with a bot version of me. She explored some interesting ideas…
The @metmuseum just freed hundreds of thousands of images, so I made a bot that finds faces in their collections.  •  Share
One of our favorite parts of the Cisco Spark dev community is how open it is. There’s something exciting for devs at every stage of their journey, whether they’re old pros in the Cisco Spark Depot or just starting out — and that makes for a diverse ecosystem of innovators.
But for all these unique voices, there’s one thing we hear all the time: “Got any bot-building shortcuts?” Now, thanks to the Botkit from, the answer is a resounding yes.
Concierge uses revolutionary language technology to deploy conversational forms and answer natural language questions via Slack. Cool, right? Concierge is an AI assistant for customer support. It’s…
We will have Ilya Gelfenbeyn (former Co-Founder and CEO) and now Product Manager of API.AI present the company’s products, the tool’s capabilities, demo how to create an experience and integrate/distribute to messaging channels (including the recent integration with Google Home!).
Botness Enterprise brings together representatives from the top enterprise messaging platforms with the top enterprise bot developers to discuss building better bots for the workplace. The March 13th event in Austin is organized by Tom Hadfield ( and Ben Brown (Howdy) with support from Atlassian, Microsoft, Slack, Cisco Spark, Salesforce and RingCentral.
Date/Time 8:30am-1:00pm on Monday, March 13th
Location AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center, Room 203, Austin, TX
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