Bot! zine - Issue #64

Hello, everyone! I hope you won't mind indulging me; this week I was very excited to be the first int
Bot! zine - Issue #64
By Bot! zine • Issue #64
Hello, everyone! 
I hope you won’t mind indulging me; this week I was very excited to be the first interviewee for Chatbots Magazine’s new interview series! I had a great time, so keep an eye there for more interviews as the weeks go on.
The leading article this week is about how voice will eventually dominate the chatbot landscape. Personally, I believe there will always be a place for text interfaces (particularly for those times when voice isn’t appropriate, or for reasons of accessibility). What do you think? Will we only be speaking to our technology in the future?

Required Reading
Why voice will be the dominant chatbot interface
Text-based chatbots offered little reward for a lot of effort. Voice is the key to making bots useful – and the technology to do so already exists.
Google Home now has air quality updates and (almost) breaking news from CNN
A series of new conversation actions have been added for Google Home users to play with, ranging from info about the cafeteria at Carnegie Mellon University to CNN and air quality updates from around the world.
The Cupertino, Calif.-based startup has developed DBot, a chatbot that automates a security analyst’s simple tasks and facilitates collaborations across different teams in real time for better management and response to attacks.
PayPal today launched its first bot for users of team messaging app Slack. The bot lets people send peer-to-peer (P2P) payments with the shortcode /paypal and a user’s Slack handle. Watch those keystrokes though: $10,000 can be sent in a single transaction, a PayPal spokesperson told VentureBeat in an email.
You, and (A)I – IDEO Stories
And, just as Tesla’s self-driving technology today gets better through every kilometre driven, so Spirit’s AI will build a fine-grained psychological, physiological, and emotional profile of you, a model of your on- and offline community, and how different interactions with people, affect you. Over time, Spirit’s AI will discern patterns: who is a constant companion? Who makes you laugh, or sparks your imagination? Who makes you feel purposeful, or a meaningful member of the community?  •  Share
Growbot’s Veronica Belmont on Bots, Breakfast & Gratitude
If you’re a bot enthusiast coming from an interdisciplinary background, you will be encouraged by this interview. Veronica’s story is proof that personality, compassion, gratitude, and true conversation deserve an honored place at the chatbots table.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Aloe (@aloebud)
Giving you the tools to grow #aloechat  •  Share
Brad Heath on Twitter
ICYMI, my new bot, @big_cases, is posting links to filings in major district court cases, including challenges to Trump admin. travel ban.
PullString Now Supports Intents Through, LUIS, and
For the latest version of PullString Author, we’re announcing an integration with the intent recognition services of, LUIS, and
Artificial Intelligence is the latest hotness. Machine Learning sits behind artificial intelligence and on the surface it may seem like a deeply technical, scientific topic. We’ll look at some of the basics around the Azure Machine Learning service. We’ll also look some of the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs which make it very easy to implement artificial intelligence ‘smarts’ into your application with simple, standard REST calls.
2/14 Breaking Into Bots with Gabrielle Crevecoeur - Geekfest (Chicago, IL)
Step into the world of Conversational Bots. Taking over platforms one by one, conversational bots are becoming the newest applications wanted and needed by consumers everyday. If you are wanting to learn how to get into the world of Conversation Bots, this talk is for you.
Join us for the first edition of Chatbots-MTL where speakers will discuss conversational AI.
2/15 High Performance Node, Bots, and New Languages! - NYC Nodejs (New York, NY)
Lauren joins us from SF where her company Scality, a world leader in object storage, has developed and open sourced an S3 clone built entirely in Node. Her talk will cover: How Node enhanced the development process, problems encountered (e.g. ES6 compatibility) and solutions, how to get maximum performance and lowest latency from Node app, and how developers can use the server to develop apps that are S3 compatible!
3/6 Voice enabled conversational interfaces - Dashbot Bot Meetup - San Francisco New Technology
Join us March 6th as we explore voice enabled conversation interfaces.
More details coming soon.
If you're interested in speaking at our presenting at any of our events, please let us know.
Ready for more awesome bot talks?
We’re excited to announce this month’s Talkabot will be held at Umbel at Seaholm Power Plant in downtown Austin (800 W Cesar Chavez St.). Look for signs in the courtyard pointing you to the meetup!
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