Bot! zine - Issue #62

Happy Monday, everyone! Just a quick note that we've added a new channel over on -- #th
Bot! zine - Issue #62
By Bot! zine • Issue #62
Happy Monday, everyone! Just a quick note that we’ve added a new channel over on – #the-botsistance. Huge thanks to member @botmaster-e for spearheading this new space! He’s looking for new people to collaborate and work with, so hop in and check it out!

Required Reading
The Age of Creative Destruction
The Age of Creative Destruction
Conversational UI is already the new king of the online realm. Messenger bots are your new friends. You are one step away from reporting to your slackbot superviser. Transactional bots are boosting robotic business process automation (BPA). There is no doubt. A new future has arrived and creative destruction has just begun.
Starbucks unveils a virtual assistant that takes your order via messaging or voice
Starbucks is embracing the trend towards voice-based computing with the launch of a new feature in its mobile app called My Starbucks barista, which allows customers to order and pay for their food and drinks just by speaking.
The Work Before the Work – Slack Platform Blogm
Today, hundreds of companies are using Troops to bring their sales, customer success and CRM workflows into Slack. Here are some things we learned along the way to closing a Series A round as a Slack-first company.  •  Share
Designing a chatbot: male, female or gender neutral?
Picture a virtual assistant that helps find directions, schedules appointments or plays music, and the soothing yet robotic sound of a female voice likely comes to mind.
Chris Messina on conversational commerce - Product Hunt
Chris Messina on conversational commerce - The 2017 bot outlook with one of the field’s early adopters. (Podcasts, Messaging, and Twitter)
Why Chatbots Struggle So Much With Retention
At the start of Q1 in 2017, the bot industry finds itself in phase three of Gartner’s Hype Cycle, the “Through of Disillusionment.” At CES one of the major trends was AI and Bots, the major companies understand that there will be useful bots in their futures. However, the one question I got asked over and over again as a founder in the AI space was, could I point to any single public bot that was useful?
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Building a Facebook Chat Bot with Node and Heroku
In this article, we’ll look at how to create a Facebook chat bot that can interact with users via Messenger on behalf of a Facebook Page. We’ll build a bot that gives the user different details regarding a movie that they specified.
Bot Libre Cloud Bot Platform lets you host your own bot platform on your own server for your own clients.
Do Something Today (@DoSomethingBot)
The latest Tweets from Do Something Today (@DoSomethingBot). Randomly generated suggestions for making a difference in trying times. USA-centric. #CBDQ #Tracery
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I'm not a robot!
I'm not a robot!
Leandro Ardissone on Twitter: "I'm not a robot..."
Robots fight the CAPTCHA menace. 
The Trump Watcher (@thetrumpwatcher) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from The Trump Watcher (@thetrumpwatcher). How’s Trump feeling?
Eventbrite - Loyal & CMYK Ventures presents Bots & Brands Night - Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at Microsoft - The Reactor, San Francisco, CA. Find event and ticket information.
1/30 User Acquisition and Monetization - Dashbot Bot Meetup - San Francisco New Technology
Join Dashbot, our panelists, and members of the bot community as we explore user acquisition and monetization.
2/7 NY Loft - Alexa Bootcamp
Web, mobile, voice…just another experience for your startup. Are you ready to take your business into the age of voice UI? This is a one-day Bootcamp that guides you through creating an Alexa Skill (interactive voice application) running on serverless AWS services (Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda). You will be able to talk with a Solutions Architect about how voice applies to your customer experience and you will leave the Bootcamp having built a skill for Alexa.
Together with Johann Romefort from Stylight as co-host we have something special for you. For this event, we invited founders of chatbot startups, the very best in the industry - winners of the 1st Chatbottle Awards (yes, chatbots got their own award already). They will talk about why they are into chatbots, and what are successes and pitfalls on the way of building a company.
Humanity.AI is a single-track conference chock full of talks with designers, animators, engineers, researchers, and product folks who are keeping humanity at the forefront of AI advancements.
Hear from people who are inventing systems that enable powerful human experiences way beyond banking–companies like IBM, Facebook, Uber, Growbot, Motional Entertainment, PullString, Pixar, and more will take the stage.
Our aim is that you’ll leave feeling inspired by the creativity and passion behind every choice these practitioners are making, and having met a few new people who–like you– share a supreme interest in finding new ways to humanize AI.
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