Bot! zine - Issue #61

Sorry for the delay getting the newsletter out this week, I was traveling! Of course, the huge news r
Bot! zine - Issue #61
By Bot! zine • Issue #61
Sorry for the delay getting the newsletter out this week, I was traveling! Of course, the huge news recently is the launch of threads in Slack – we’ve been waiting to see how they’d implement them, and so far I’m pretty happy with the results! I’ve included both the Slack HQ announcement as well as the Platform blog’s post, since they both offer up slightly different perspectives. 
Do you think threads in Slack will have a big impact on how bots work on the platform? Any interesting ways you think you could take advantage of them? Let us know by replying back to this newsletter, and I’ll include your responses next week!

Required Reading
Bringing your bot into threaded messages – Slack Platform Blog
Threads are a new way to connect related messages in Slack, helping teams organize and manage the variety of conversations that happen in channels every day.  •  Share
When you’re working with your team in Slack, discussions can move quickly and cover a lot of ground. They evolve — and branch off — as people share insights, ask questions, and introduce new topics…  •  Share
Listening to bots – Render-from-betaworks
After spending much of 2016 knee deep in the world of bots and conversational interfaces I thought it would be interesting to post what I have learnt and what I’m thinking about in 2017. We backed or…
What a difference a year makes! 2016 was an incredibly busy and rewarding year for the Messenger team. We crossed a big global milestone announcing that over one billion of you use Messenger every month, and we’re also seeing a quickly increasing number of you using Messenger multiple times a day.
LinkedIn debuts new desktop version with chatbots, new search and more
After a short preview in September last year, and the small matter of getting acquired for $26.2 billion by Microsoft, today LinkedIn — the social network for the professional world with close to 470 million users — is finally unveiling its redesign of its desktop site, complete with a simpler, app-like look; a new messaging experience that appears as a pop-up on the homepage; and updated search features.
The History Channel Alexa skill is getting popular among Echo owners
The This Day in History Alexa skill has broken into the Top Enabled and Customer Favorite categories of the Alexa Skills Marketplace. It’s one of the first new skills to enter the Top Enabled category since Alexa sold millions of smart speakers over the holiday season. Other skills found among the most-used by owners of Alexa-enabled devices remain the same.
[Guest Post] PullString and Alexa hit the road on 'The Grand Tour'
For Amazon Alexa users, watching The Grand Tour is only half the fun. Prior to the series premiere, Amazon debuted a companion skill built by PullString.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Every Color (@everycolorbot)
colors. all of ‘em. | developed by @vogon; feel free to send him feedback/feature requests
PullString offers computer conversation technologies with features such as hybrid AI-engine, intents modeling for user desire identification, entity extraction, pattern matching, and dialog management. The PullString API is used to initiate and carrying on conversations. Responses are in JSON format, and access Tokens are required for authentication. 
Which Analytics? – Chatbots Magazine
Do you want analytics for your chatbot? Of course you do. Developing a chatbot without measuring the behaviour of your users is like shooting in the dark.
From Botmakers member smcavinney: “Hey all, the creator of Jasonette wrote up a toy slackbot that helps our company stay in the know about our coffee machine. I used jasonette for the apps.”
Humanity.AI is a single-track conference chock full of talks with designers, animators, engineers, researchers, and product folks who are keeping humanity at the forefront of AI advancements.
Hear from people who are inventing systems that enable powerful human experiences way beyond banking–companies like IBM, Facebook, Uber, Growbot, Motional Entertainment, PullString, Pixar, and more will take the stage.
Our aim is that you’ll leave feeling inspired by the creativity and passion behind every choice these practitioners are making, and having met a few new people who–like you– share a supreme interest in finding new ways to humanize AI.
In this session, we are hosting a discussion with a deep focus on Microsoft’s Conversation as a Platform. We will have a mix of introductory and deep technical topics presented by Microsoft product experts to support your hacking endeavors or any questions you might have.
We’re excited to host Tony Lucas founder of Converse.  Tony will run through the build of an conversational experience and demonstrate their solution which doesn’t require coding (or much at least). If you are Bot Curious or a Bot Believer this is a great chance to hear from one of the thought leaders.
As it’s a new year we thought it would be a great time to take stock of the London bot scene and see what’s developed over the last year so we’re hosting a demo evening!
Come learn from other builders and founders about where they see the opportunities for bots and how they’re taking advantage of them.
Are you building a bot, a platform, a bot related company or something else entirely? We want to hear from you!
Missed the first Art Bot workshop? Here’s another chance to deconstruct common household objects to create your own drawing robot! Best suited for children 9 years old through adult. No experience necessary!
From 6:00-6:30pm we’ll meet-and-greet and discuss APIs. 
Then at 6:30 we will have presentations on how you can use APIs (Twitter, Slack, Alexa, etc.) to facilitate human interactions. We will then demo a bot or two for people to play with.
If you would like to present on anything bot-related, please get in contact so we can add you to the agenda.
1/25 Breaking Into Bots - Node.indy : Indianapolis Node.js Meetup
Step into the world of Conversational Bots. Taking over platforms one by one, conversational bots are becoming the newest applications wanted and needed by consumers everyday. 
If you are wanting to learn how to get into the world of Conversation Bots, this talk is for you. Gabrielle will take you step by step on how to get your proper tools, building a bot, deploying it to the cloud and how to get it up and running on different platforms. 
This is an ideal session for those who are familiar with Node.js and would like to apply it to something new.
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