Bot! zine - Issue #60

Last week, I asked our readers for some feedback about the ethics of smart devices listening and resp
Bot! zine - Issue #60
By Bot! zine • Issue #60
Last week, I asked our readers for some feedback about the ethics of smart devices listening and responding to children. We got a great piece of email from Paul, below!
Regarding kids and digital assistants like Echo/Google Home:
New technology requires discovering what the best practices should be. We don’t even know what the potential problems are yet, and it takes time to learn what challenges will lie ahead.
Then we can establish Best practices that should be in place to protect younger users.
Paul P Miller (aka Skillscat)
Thanks Paul! If anyone else has thoughts they want to share about this or any of our stories, reply back to this email and let me know!

Required Reading
2017 Will Be The Year of The Killer Bots
Botmakers may not have released a ton of jaw dropping bots in 2016, but you know what they did do? They learned a ton. And guess what? It’s going to pay off big time.
Bots are not killing apps -- bad apps are killing apps
According to bot evangelists, today’s apps are going to be replaced by bots, so why bother with fanciness? Goodbye, delicious Uber UI animations. So long, stickers and filters on Snapchat. Farewell, swiping on Tinder. Will the last app standing be Facebook Messenger?
Startup studio Betaworks has announced its second accelerator program, voicecamp, which will focus on voice-powered technologies. 
Tailored Bot Interactions Using IBM Watson
See, most sites try to appeal to the general user by splitting the homepage in one of two ways: by sales or by product category. Need an example? Check out Ralph Lauren.
If you’re anything like me, you probably fill in web forms dozens of times every week. Many of these forms are confusing, long and just plain ugly. Products like TypeForm have done a lot to make this better, but the experiences are still tied to the web and following up with survey respondents is still really troublesome and difficult.
To solve these problems, Lucie and I built and made it available as an open source project.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Built with Botkit Studio: Welcomebot
As part of Howdy’s open source efforts, we curate a public slack bot building community named The Bot Developer Hangout. Despite the name, it actually contain discussions from all over the bot making world, with channels dedicated to all things Slack, Facebook, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Botbuilder and more.
New Scheduling and Data APIs for Beep Boop
Over the last year our team has built a lot of Slack integrations and nearly all of them on Beep Boop. The experience dog-fooding our own platform has been invaluable; we’re building Beep Boop as much for ourselves as for you!
Elo - Assistant for small businesses
Too busy to answer your phone while doing your job?
An open-source ecosystem for developers to create, manage and extend bots
I'll be speaking at this event in SF next month, come join us!
I'll be speaking at this event in SF next month, come join us!
Humanity.AI is a single-track conference chock full of talks with designers, animators, engineers, researchers, and product folks who are keeping humanity at the forefront of AI advancements.

Hear from people who are inventing systems that enable powerful human experiences way beyond banking–companies like IBM, Facebook, Uber, Growbot, Motional Entertainment, PullString, Pixar, and more will take the stage.
Our aim is that you’ll leave feeling inspired by the creativity and passion behind every choice these practitioners are making, and having met a few new people who–like you– share a supreme interest in finding new ways to humanize AI.
1/17 Machine Learning for Muggles by Martin Kearn - .NET South West (Bristol, England)
Artificial Intelligence is the latest hotness. Machine Learning sits behind artificial intelligence and on the surface it may seem like a deeply technical, scientific topic. We are here to tell you that it is more accessible than you think.
Encore presentation for those who missed the first discussion… “Bots for IT support: how and why they work… and why they won’t steal your job”
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1/19 Chatbots - The Next Big Frontier - SyncNorwich - Norwich's Tech + Startup Community (Norwich, England)
While the technology to simulate conversation with a computer has been around for decades, bots are an increasingly trendy model for software. 
This new obsession came on thick and fast. But why? Where did these bots come from? Who is building them? What for? Is a fake conversation better than just clicking buttons? You’ll be hearing a lot more about bots soon, so come along to SyncNorwich and we will reveal all!
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