Bot! zine - Issue #59

Happy Monday everyone! We were having a really interesting discussion on last week abou
Bot! zine - Issue #59
By Bot! zine • Issue #59
Happy Monday everyone! 
We were having a really interesting discussion on last week about the ethics of having an Alexa-type bot in constant communication with your kids. Some say it’s the natural progression of technology, others (like myself) are worried about the ways this kind of technology can be abused. 
Curious to know what your thoughts are! Email me back here, or send us a tweet at @botwikidotorg and let us know your thoughts! The article is down below in Required Reading.
Have a great week!

Required Reading
The O’Reilly Bots Podcast: Recapping a revolutionary year in AI and bots, and looking ahead to 2017.
Good morning, it’s January 6th, 2017, and today we’re asking: will these bots ever fuck? 
Uber developer experience lead Chris Messina announced Friday that he has left the ride-sharing company.
At their best, these digital placard-holders have a two-fold edge over their fleshy, human counterparts. First, their sheer volume. Bots can shout constantly, tirelessly and indefinitely; in other words, they can be inhumanly loud.
Treat a tweet like a canvas, 140 characters at a time.
Her name is Aristotle, and she has eyes, and ears, inside your child’s bedroom.
Nick Romeo reports on X2AI, the Silicon Valley tech firm behind the A.I. chatbot Karim, which is designed to help Arabic speakers with mental-health issues.
Pope Francis in bot form is kind of funny. To be clear, the pope isn’t exactly Louis C.K. There’s no stand-up schtick, but the bot does serve up thumbs up shots of the pope and a GIF of him trying (and failing) to catch a baseball, followed by a self-deprecating joke.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
We are very excited to announce the release of Botkit 0.4.6 features support for Slack’s new and improved Events API. This new functionality allows developers to write bots that respond only to…
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The latest Tweets from BumbleBot (@beegenerator). Procedurally generated pollinators. A bot from @CodeMacabre  •  Share
Join us January 12th for our monthly Bot Builders Meet Up where we will be exploring how to monetize your bot as well as enable it to have an ongoing conversation.
Talkabot is BACK in 2017 for the new year! Come discuss bots, conversational software and messaging with the Austin bot community.
Happy New Year Bot Friends,
As we evolve in our understanding for how to build bots, we wanted to turn to one of the true experts in the field and learn from him on how to create functional commercial
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As an IT community, we’re at an inflection point. User problems are getting harder to solve and user expectations are changing. The time is right for disruption… and conversational assistants may be the answer.
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