Bot! zine - Issue #56

The top article this week re: Facebook Workplace isn't technically about bots -- however, I think it'
Bot! zine - Issue #56
By Bot! zine • Issue #56
The top article this week re: Facebook Workplace isn’t technically about bots – however, I think it’s an easy assumption to make that bots are meant to be a part of that product at some point in the very near future. 
There are also two posts about Gomix (my friend Anil Dash recently joined that team as CEO for Fog Creek Software, which also makes FogBugz), which seems like a great resource for bot builders:
Gomix lets you start from a working app (or bot, or site, or whatever) and then remix it into exactly the app of your dreams. If you just want to change a button from blue to green, or add your logo, you can be running instantly. See a fun or smart Alexa skill or Slack bot? You can jump in, edit the responses to be the text you want, and have your own version running in just a few minutes.
Stefan, our botwiki founder, played around with it a bit this week, so check out his Twitterbot template below.
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Required Reading
Facebook Workplace announces enterprise collaboration app platform
Facebook will compete directly with Slack through a full-fledged new collaboration app platform built atop its pay-per-user enterprise communication product..
Dashbot now helps bot developers building on Google Assistant measure what works
Dashbot announced on Thursday that it has integrated itself with Google to provide the analytics backend for bot developers building on top of Google Assistant. This comes on the heels of Google launching conversational actions for its virtual assistant.
Sam's Club launches a 'gift genie' on Facebook Messenger to help you play Santa
Members only retail giant Sam’s Club launched its Facebook Messenger bot today to help customers find gifts for friends and family.
Google Developers Blog: Start building Actions on Google
Starting today, you can build Conversation Actions for Google Home and request to become an early access partner for upcoming platform features.
Building robots to mimic human behavior dissolves users’ trust. One company called Intercom has another solution.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Starting today, you can build rich, conversational experiences for Google Assistant users on Google Home and deploy them as Conversation Actions in just a few easy steps with API.AI.
Conversational Interface
Build chatbots, messaging apps, and conversational forms with easy to use design assets.
Explore Gomix - remix and create the app or bot of your dreams
This is a simple template for making Twitter bots with Gomix and the Twit node.js library.
Chronomoteuse (@chronomoteuse)
The latest Tweets from Chronomoteuse (@chronomoteuse). I am a time-traveling twitterbot. Created for #NaBoMaMo 2016. Greenwich, London
Jazz Mans (@jazzfellas)
The latest Tweets from Jazz Mans (@jazzfellas). Honkin’ that brass! A cool cats bot by @tomcreighton
12/12 Bot Workshop Time for Action - JSValley (Gent)
Building chat bots using the Microsoft Bot Framework Bots are rapidly becoming an integral part of one’s digital experience – they are as vital a way for users to interact with a service or application.
In this meetup we’ll havea  couple of speakers sharing their experiences building skills for Amazon Alexa. We’ll also have a Google Home for people to try out.
12/13 Bots are the New Apps - London JavaScript Community (London, England)
Hi JSLovers! Join us for a new, super-exciting talk and to celebrate an amazing year for the LondonJS community! This time we will learn how to build a Bot in Node using the Microsoft Bot Framework.
12/14 Machine learning and chatbots with! - Chatbots New York City and Global Meetup (New York, NY)
Join founder and CEO, Keith Brisson, in discussing the role of ML and AI in conversational apps. About Keith Keith is the founder and CEO of, a developer platform for building conversational applications.
12/15 BotFactory: Automation for Cloud Infrastructure & Ansible All-In-One on AWS - OpenStack DC (Washington, DC)
In this presentation, we’ll cover some of the most common cloud infrastructure problems that we’ve seen in our history of working with large enterprises and MSPs with their OpenStack and other cloud environments. We’ll discuss how we’ve built up a library of bots in BotFactory, and how customers use and extend them.
Want to learn more about how to use Containers in a cloud-native environment? How about moving easily and securely your VMWare environment to the cloud? And of course, we will end with a hands-on lab where I will show you how to build your own conversation bot on the ever-popular messaging platform Slack using Watson Conversation API.
12/15 Emergence: AI + ML + Bots - San Francisco AI + ML Meetupup
We’re going to get together and talk about AI/ML/Agents/Bots/Cybernetics and the future of computing.
12/16 All you need to know about AI & chatbots - Big Data Developers in Munich (München)
Our friends from IBM and Microsoft are going to give a deep dive into AI & ML on examples of IBM Watson Cognitive Solutions and Microsoft Bot Framework with Cognitive Services. We hear about artificial intelligence a lot in the news - but what does it mean? At our event we are going to explain what AI actually is and look into application of Machine Learning algorithms, and how they are used in the realm of Chatbots.
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