Bot! zine - Issue #55

Slow news week after the holiday, so I saved up a few of the good stories for today. Definitely check
Bot! zine - Issue #55
By Bot! zine • Issue #55
Slow news week after the holiday, so I saved up a few of the good stories for today. Definitely check out the article on Amazon’s Lex – I think I’ll be playing around with it a bit myself this coming week. 
Also, in spite of everyone’s crazy holiday schedules, there are tons of meetups down at the bottom of the newsletter, so make sure you look to see if there’s anything going on in your area! If I’m missing an event, please reply back to this email or let me know over on!

Required Reading
5 emergency chat services with the power to save lives
Amid billions in AI investment and a rush to make profitable bots by virtually every major tech giant from Apple to Google to Samsung, it can be tough to remember there are bots out there with a mission to protect the most precious, priceless thing of all — life.
Slack Co-Founder on How Artificial Intelligence Could Eliminate the Need to Check Your Email Ever Again
As Slack gets smarter, you might have to spend far less time sorting through your messages.
The real opportunities with Facebook Messenger
In April, 2016 (a mere seven months ago) Mark Zuckerberg, David Marcus (and, in a smaller side tent, myself) went on stage to proclaim that the future of business is conversation.
Metacert raises $1.2 million to detect malware on enterprise bots like Slack, Microsoft Teams
Metacert has raised $1.2 million for its messaging app security and bot solutions, the company told VentureBeat.
Interfaces On Demand – Matt Hartman
We are at the very beginning of a fundamental shift in the way that humans communicate with computers. I laid out the beginning of my case for this in my essay The Hidden Homescreen in which I argued…
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Amazon Lex – Build Conversational Voice & Text Interfaces
Today we are making the same deep learning technologies (ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition NLU – Natural Language Understanding) that power Amazon Alexa available to you for use in your own conversational applications. You can use Amazon Lex to build chatbots and other types of web & mobile applications that support engaging, lifelike interactions.
Creative people dream. Smart people think different. Productive people focus.
Be creative, work smarter and increase your productivity with MailBot for Slack.
Announcing Bot Libre 5.0!
We have released Bot Libre 5.0!The worlds most advanced bot platform just got better. Bot Libre 5.0 is a free and open source platform for developing and hosting bots. Bot Libre 5.0 includes support for chat bots, virtual agents, virtual assistants, social media bots, live chat, animated avatars, and speech.
How to Make an Amazing Tensorflow Chatbot Easily
We’ll go over how chatbots have evolved over the years and how Deep Learning has made them way better. Then we’ll build our own chatbot using Tensorflow.
No more creating accounts, filling out boring checkout forms, or searching the web for discounts! Just tell Cently what to buy and he’ll handle the rest!
Mushroom AI (@mushroomaibot) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Mushroom AI (@mushroomaibot). Mushroom AI recognizes different mushroom species by photo using deep convolutional neural network
Different platforms have emerged for conversational use case creation and development. IBM Watson is a key offering for conversational agent development, and with the recent improvement from NLC and Dialog APIs.
12/6 Hot Tech Trends (Series): Chatbots & AI - TLV Startup Hub
“Bots” rapidly become a buzzword. Anyone near the fledgling industry would probably have agreed this was true for some time now, as bots, artificial intelligence (AI), and conversational commerce combine to form a hurricane of hype.
12/6 Build your Bot with IBM Watson - IBM Watson - Cognitive & IoT Meetup - Galway
Interested in learning how to create your very own state of the art ChatBot or learn how to use NLP effectively for your applications?
How would you like to have access to the powerful technology behind Slack’s NextGen ChatBot?
12/7 Startups and brands talk Bots, AI & Messaging - Bots, AI & Messaging Meetup (London, England)
2016 has been the year of #messaging, #ai and #bots - for brands, new startups and every business in between.  As we head into an exciting year, what are the learnings and the latest innovations?
Come meet other like-minded people in the Slack and Chatbot space. You will get to meet brands, agencies, developers and others who are involved in building or promoting chat bots.
12/7 Financial marketplace, can chatbots deliver value? - 🤖 Bay Area Bot Arts Meetup 🤖
Let’s get together to chat about future of Fintech and Chatbots. Let’s do a deep dive into financial services marketplace, tyranny of choice, and exchange thoughts on how to use chatbots efficiently to deliver value.
12/13 End of the Year Mingle - LA Chat Bot Meetup
Botmasters! - Based on your feedback I have chosen 12/13 at 7pm. I'd love to see all of you and share some stories about what's happened this year and learn more about projects you are worki
4th Annual Journalism School Hackathon at University of Nevada-Reno
Weekend Hackathon Puts Focus on Bots & Chatbots Can journalism and communications schools help shape the next generation of media entrepreneurs? Many schools have created special labs and innovation centers and are running courses aimed at building startups – and a startup mentality.
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Bots that work everywhere
The bot community must tackle head-on the same issues of interoperability and cross-platform standards that plagued the early days of the web and the cell phone industry.
How to Implement AI and Machine Learning
The next wave of IT innovation will be powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. We look at the ways companies can take advantage of it and how to get started.
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