Bot! zine - Issue #54

This coming week is Thanksgiving here in the United States, so the events are a bit sparse (lots of c
Bot! zine - Issue #54
By Bot! zine • Issue #54
This coming week is Thanksgiving here in the United States, so the events are a bit sparse (lots of cool stuff overseas, though!). 
I’ve added a few interesting self-care bots into the mix because I think many of us have been a bit politically-obsessed these past few weeks.
Finally, I recorded a great podcast with the guys from VB Engage on VentureBeat, so check that out. They have some amazing folks from the bot community on their show, so give it a subscribe
Happy 🦃 Day!

Required Reading
Freshly-funded buddies up with Microsoft on chatbots
Starting from behind the likes of Slack and HipChat with its new workplace collaboration Teams service, Microsoft can use all the help it can get. Startup is among those coming to its aid.
Hook, bait and camouflage: making a honeybot – Nora Reed
For the past few months I’ve been working on a bunch of what I call “honeybots” — bots that act as honeypots for jerks who term-search on Twitter. It’s worked really well, and it’s kind of cathartic…
Three Watson bots that took the grand prize at DevCon
One of the many ways that developers at the Watson Developer Conference engaged with the latest conversational technology was by voting on entries in our Bot Gallery. Sixteen chat bots were built leading up to the conference and displayed in an online portal for attendees to interact with.
How Twitter bots paved the way for today’s chatbots
This week, we’re taking a bit of a detour — more like a rewind — in the Tuesday Bot Teardown series. I was chatting with Stefan Bohacek (of Botwiki) about the teardown series, and he suggested that I…
'White' Twitter bots can help curb racism
Twitter is trying to curb the virulent racism on its platform by banning bigots and expanding reporting features, but it’s like whack-a-mole – two pop up for…
Veronica Belmont, chatbot therapy, and 72 hours in Lisbon - VB Engage
We chat with the brilliant Veronica Belmont about how big brands are embracing chatbots, why discovery is a significant issue, and what her favorite chatbot examples are (one of which is like having a therapist in your pocket).
New Bots, Tools, and Directories: | The most powerful way to build, train, and deploy intelligent conversational apps
The most powerful way to build, train, and deploy intelligent conversational apps
Announcing Amazon Alexa development integration and launch of The Grand Tour skill
Soon, developers and non-technical writers will be able to build their own Amazon Alexa skills on the PullString Platform.
Freeze Frame Bot (@freezeframebot) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Freeze Frame Bot (@freezeframebot). *record scratch* *freeze frame* You might be wondering how this bot got here.
Immigration attorney 2.0
I’m Visabot, the first immigration robot powered by artificial intelligence
happymoonbot (@happymoonbot) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from happymoonbot (@happymoonbot).
here's your reminder on Twitter
💧: please remember to go get a sip of water A chatbot sketch tool. Make video of a bot conversation
BotSociety is the easy and quick way to mockup your bots
11/23 Chatbots, Arts and Money - 🤖 Bay Area Bot Arts Meetup 🤖 (San Francisco, CA)
Let’s get together to chat about future of Fintech and Chatbots. This intersection is gaining a lot of interest and experts in finance and AI, predict a massive transformation in new channels of communication, new lead generation techniques, augmented marketing funnels, and new generation of customer acquisition products.
Can machine understand Text? Unstructured text data on the web is growing exponentially and creates new challenges. How to extract meaning? Intent, ambiguity and other tasks that combines the existing Natural Language Processing industry.
11/24 Les Chatbots - Petits-dejs TransfoNum (Paris)
« Les applis de messagerie seront les nouveaux navigateurs, les bots seront les nouveaux sites Web. C’est l’avènement d’un nouvel Internet », promettait récemment le patron de la messagerie Kik (275 millions d’utilisateurs, dont 70 % aux Etats-Unis), dotée de bots depuis plus d’un an.
Come meet other like-minded people in the Slack and Chat bot space. You will get to meet brands, agencies, developers and others who are involved in building or promoting chat bots. Our venue is one o
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