Bot! zine - Issue #52

Should bots be "dumb" or "smart?" Is there a happy medium? I feel like this conversation has been goi
Bot! zine - Issue #52
By Bot! zine • Issue #52
Should bots be “dumb” or “smart?” Is there a happy medium? I feel like this conversation has been going on a lot lately, but it also feels to me like this is part of the ongoing discussion of what a conversational bot even is. 
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Required Reading
These Apps Let Anyone Build a (Dumb) Chatbot
Global tech giants are betting on a chatbot future. A new class of startups is creating DIY tools to help make that happen.
Why a dumb bot might be more helpful than a smart bot (for now)
The AI we use today is a long way from C-3PO. None of the delivery bots at Polaris can speak Bocce. In fact, they don’t even know English. While tech luminaries like Elon Musk worry about artificial intelligence subduing the human race someday and creating a robopoclypse, these “dumb bots” are quietly changing how the world works.
Speed up customer service with quick replies & welcome messages in Direct Messages
New features in Direct Messages help people get resolutions to customer service requests faster and easier, whether from human support teams or through automated experiences.
Google Home review: Smart, but not necessary yet
The Google Home is off to a solid start. It’s a fine wireless speaker with full, loud sound. Its build quality is good. It’s easy to set up.
Yahoo Bots App Is The Company's Virtual Assistants Bundle, And It's Now Available For Download On Android And iOS : TECH : Tech Times
Yahoo has released Yahoo Bots for iOS and Android, a messaging app that lets users connect to Yahoo’s Chatbots. There are different bots for different areas of discussion such as news, finance, weather, sports and even a pet monkey.
Since API.AI launched, our goal has been to make building advanced conversational interfaces easy and enjoyable. It’s great to see the growing number of agents powered by API.AI, but we know there’s more work to do in order to be more accessible and enhance the platform’s feature set. Today, we’re making progress towards both of these goals
New Bots, Tools, and Directories: - Cross-Platform Chatbots
Expand your bot’s reach from a single deployment to a cross-platform giant with a single click using our revolutionary translation technology. Build it once and we customize it to work across platforms, giving you a single source to deploy, support and update.
Introducing Octane AI, The Easiest Way to Create a Bot
Drive sales, capture leads, and increase engagement on your Facebook Page. Music to improve focus, meditation & sleep.
The most advanced AI music composer on the planet
Invented to have the brain of a neuroscientist and the heart of a musician. Our AI (or extended human intelligence) creates all the music in
How to write convincing bots and computer conversations using fallbacks, interjections, and believability credit
For those new to the medium, we’ve collected a few of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from our combined six years in computer conversation authoring.
11/7 Building a company in the 'bots' space - Chatbots New York City and Global Meetup (New York, NY)| Meetup
TLDR: See a Slack bot edited and re-deployed in minutes and learn about building a chatbot company from NYC’s own Scott Britton from
11/9 Watson Developer Conference 2016 - Bay Area Hackathons (San Francisco, CA)
On November 9-10, 2016, over 1000 developers, coders, and builders will meet to discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning APIs are helping people build better applications at the Watson Developer Conference.
Get Started: The first Meetup for Facebook Messenger bot developers will be Wednesday, November 9, from 6-8 p.m.
2016 has become the year of bots. People are abandoning their mobile apps and switching over to using bots for business, shopping, work, entertainment and news. The average American today downloads ve
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