Bot! zine - Issue #51

Happy Halloween here in the States! 🎃 I was thinking of dressing as a "bot unicorn," but it seemed to
Bot! zine - Issue #51
By Bot! zine • Issue #51
Happy Halloween here in the States! 🎃 I was thinking of dressing as a “bot unicorn,” but it seemed too unrealistic.
Tons of big news out of IBM’s World of Watson conference this year, including stories concerning Slack and General Motors, so make sure you check those out! Fascinating to see how big companies like IBM (and Microsoft / Google / Facebook) are betting on bots and AI for the future.
Keep sending in your favorite bots and articles! See you next week.

Required Reading
IBM Watson Lends Brains to Slack's Chatbot
IBM IBM -0.48% has partnered with Slack, the fast-growing workplace messaging app, to power the next iteration of Slackbot, Slack’s flagship virtual assistant, the companies said Wednesday. Slack said it plans to adopt “Watson Conversation,” a month-old tool that helps bots interact through natural language, for its own assistant.
I was shocked to read today that IBM and Slack are partnering so that Slack can use Watson to improve their Slackbot’s cognitive capabilities. It seemed like Slack may be outsourcing the one thing that could become their most valuable strength.
GM wants to use artificial intelligence to sell you stuff while driving
General Motors has partnered with IBM to add the latter’s artificial intelligence smarts to its cars. IBM’s Watson will be used to augment GM’s OnStar service, which currently offers features like vehicle tracking and turn-by-turn navigation for a monthly subscription fee.
Talkabot: Lessons from Voice Recognition — Andy Mauro, Automat
With over 16 years working in voice recognition and language processing, from his early involvement in Nuance to being a founder and CEO of Automat, Andy Muaro took the stage to recount the lessons he has learned that can now be applied to building bots.
Bots are already scheduling meetings, ordering meals, and analyzing bank accounts. They’re now well on their way to becoming our full-time virtual assistants. That means they must now suffer the indignities unethical bosses inflict on their human assistants, especially sexual harassment. As bots do more of our bidding, their algorithms are spending more time parrying flirtations, dodging personal questions, and dealing with darker forms of sexual harassment.
Bot thoughts from the world’s largest fintech conference
Money20/20 is the world’s largest fintech conference. Because “banking” is always cited as a use case of bots, I wanted to share my thoughts on what’s happening in the space.
Is the election confusing you? This little bot will clear things up
As a Canadian in the valley, I’ve been trying to keep up with the current election, while also learning about the US political system. I’ll read random articles friends recommend, I’ve watched the debates, and enjoy chatting about the two presidential candidates and their campaigns. As I navigate all of this, I’ve also had a bit of help recently from a Facebook Messenger bot called Purple.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
oratio Shop Assistant — Product discovery, sales & customer service on Messenger
Simply connect your existing WooCommerce and soon, Shopify shop and get started with product sales on Messenger in just a few moments.
Cozmo is Anki's new tiny toy robot
Anki aims to bring a Pixar character to life with Cozmo, its plucky little robot. TechCrunch talks so Anki co-founder and CEO, Anki Boris Sofman. takes your knowledge and intuition about your business and converts that into an algorithm that improves automatically. No training data or data scientists required.
Startup Growth Chatbot
Discover and learn from the best hand picked articles on startup growth.
11/1 Presentation: Hands-on building a Slack chatbot on Azure w/ NodeJS — Nick Caruso - Frederick Web Technology Group (Frederick, MD)
Tonight’s Presentation Summary: Description : Chatbots or “bots” are the new toys in the tech world, with high hopes of revolutionizing the human to computer interaction. presents Bot Demo Night - Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati, San Francisco, CA.
11/2 Why bots are NOT the new apps (yet) and how to build better ones @ Colab Zürich
Despite the hype, bots haven’t offered a superior interface than apps yet. Alex will illustrate what’s missing based on his learnings from building and discuss the technology required to build better bots.
11/2 Best practices designing conversational chatbots - Charlotte Bots and AI Meetup (Charlotte, NC)
Hello All, This is our third meetup and will be hosted at Industry Coworking (near uptown).
11/5 Hands-on Lab: ChatBot to explore the future holds for intelligence engineering - Intelligent Software Development for IoT and Robot (Singapore)
In response to the huge interests/discussion generated in AI and Bots/Robot, we hosted these mini-series discussions/workshop.
Hi Delhi Devs, Twitter Developer Group Delhi is hosting its 2nd meetup. The meetup will be a place to meet the fellow members of the community.
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