Bot! zine - Issue #50

Happy anniversary! 🎉This week marks one year since the very first issue of Bot! zine was published by
Bot! zine - Issue #50
By Bot! zine • Issue #50
Happy anniversary! 🎉
This week marks one year since the very first issue of Bot! zine was published by Stefan Bohacek (founder of Botwiki and Botmakers). I’ve had an amazing time editing the newsletter since I took the reins this summer, so here’s to many happy returns of the day!
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Required Reading
University of Leeds researchers analyzed the body language, facial expressions and voice of sitcom character to create a digital avatar and, eventually, a chatbot
Breaking the Black Box: How Machines Learn to Be Racist
Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the patterns we teach it. To illustrate the sensitivity of AI systems, we built an AI engine that deduced synonyms from news articles published by different types of news organizations.
Lessons Learned from Beep Boop’s new Slack bot
Today we are happy to share our most recent development: a brand new Beep Boop Slack bot 🎉. 
8 predictions for A.I. and bots in the next 24 months
In the last twelve months, we’ve witnessed a huge surge in the development and adoption of chatbots, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and machine learning.
Talkabot: Conversation with Ted Livingston, CEO Kik
A key highlight of Talkabot Conference day one was a fireside chat with Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik.
Harvard Business Review built a bot on Slack that delivers workplace advice
The publisher will deliver advice on topics like dealing with bad bosses and employees who want to quit.
A third of pro-Trump tweets are generated by bots
A third of pro-Trump Twitter traffic during the presidential debate was driven by bots, compared to one fifth of the pro-Clinton traffic.
Michael Schneider, Rachel Law, and Alyx Baldwin on customer service with bots
The O’Reilly Bots Podcast: How bots are transforming the way companies interact with their customers.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Build your own conversational bot! We understand users speech: you get actionable data. Everyone benefits.
Get your personal chat bot |
Create your digital avatar and turn anything about you into a conversation. Do what you love doing while your bot works in the background interacting with the world on your behalf!
All you need is code! Run code with an HTTP call. No provisioning. No deployment. | AI-Powered Customer Service provides artificial intelligence-enhanced customer service software that help businesses connect in real-time with their customers wherever they are, whenever they’d like and in the communication channels they prefer.
Meet eBay ShopBot, your own shopping expert, right inside Facebook Messenger. Browse curated collections, or find something specific—even if you don’t know exactly what you want.
Behind every new bot, conversational UI, or AI system are people working at the intersection of design, data, and technology. This day is all about them.
Humanity.AI, a single-track conference chock full of talks with designers, animators, engineers, researchers, and product folks who are keeping humanity at the forefront of AI advancements.
Use code FOGrow to get 15% off tickets!
10/24 Big Data Meetup - Part of Big Data Week (Talks on Big Data / Messenger Bots) - Women Who Code London (London, England)
As there has been huge interest in Big Data and Messenger Bots from the group, we have worked with the organisers of Big Data Week and organised this special Meetup for Women Who Code London members.
10/25 SlackDevs: ’Bot’ does it work? - Logging and Testing - SlackDevs (San Francisco, CA)
As developers, we all have a special relationship with frustration when things don’t work in the ways we expect. Logging and testing early on in your bot’s life can make a major difference down the road. What tools are we using that can be applied to our new bot friends?
10/26 Bot Frameworks: the hottest topic in town - JSValley (Gent)
We are gratefull to be invited by Microsoft for a joint session about Bot Frameworks.
10/26 Startups and brands talk Bots, AI & Messaging - Bots, AI & Messaging Meetup (London, England)
There’s got a great session planned for our 2nd bots, AI & Messaging meetup on 26th October. Hear the latest innovations and practical strategies on how to be successful in the conversational space.
10/27 Bot Development Workshop - Civic Hacker Hours @ Civic Hall - Hacker Hours (New York, NY)
Join Civic Hall members for an informal coworking session to give & receive support from developers, engineers, data scientists, and other technical professionals. Open to all skill levels.
10/27 Machine Learning and NLP to build BOTs - Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association (SIPA) (San Jose, CA)
BOTS are expected to revolutionize the way consumers engage with brands- content consumption, customer service and productivity or transactional engagements.
10/27 Chatbots Melbourne October Meetup - Chatbots, Messaging and AI (Melbourne)
After a short break we are finally ready for our next meetup! Talks: Tim Kinnane, Product Design Lead @ 4thParty, will talk about a framework for rapid prototyping in hubot he is working on.
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