Bot! zine - Issue #49

Hey, tired of politics yet? Too bad, since our first story today is about the open-sourced government
Bot! zine - Issue #49
By Bot! zine • Issue #49
Hey, tired of politics yet? Too bad, since our first story today is about the open-sourced government bot from the White House! 
Check that out and the many other stories this week, and if you’re planning to attend next month, look for the 15% off code down in the events section!

Required Reading
Our Latest Way to Bring Your Government to You
Summary: Why we’re open-sourcing the code for the first-ever government bot on Facebook Messenger.
These chatbots want to help you manage your money
Can a chatbot help you manage your money? Three London-based fintech startups are betting on the answer being yes and have jumped aboard the messaging gravy..
How Bots, Messaging & AI Are Evolving
What 7 insider experts like Chris Messina, Shane Mac, Esther Crawford, Matt Schlicht & more think about the future of bots, messaging & AI.
Baidu launches medical assistant chatbot to help doctors collect patient information
Chinese search engine company Baidu is announcing today the release of Melody, a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (A.I.) that lives inside the existing Baidu Doctor app for Android and iOS. This app collects medical information from people and then passes it to doctors in a form that makes it easier to use for diagnostic purposes or to otherwise respond to.
The Carnegie Mellon project that wants to make AI a people-person.
White House Report: How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Some Jobs
The adoption of artificial intelligence will largely impact lower-wage workers, says a new government report. But that underplays the threat.
How chatbots are colonizing politics
Some of the tech industry’s biggest companies are investing in chatbots, fueling interest in the technology.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Create a Twitter Bot that Tweets Like You!
The World’s Simplest Bot Framework
BoardingBot - Facebook Chatboot which sends TestFlight invitiations
Grow your beta testing community by inviting people through your Facebook Page
Little Lisa Chat
Lisa is a child who likes to chat and make friends. Lisa can express many different emotions such as happy, sad, anger, fear, surprise, and love. (KID FRIENDLY)
Rebotify - Create your own chat bot for Facebook, WeChat & Slack.
Rebotify is an online bot platform. Use Rebotify to create chat bot for Facebook, Slack, WeChat & more. It only takes 5 minutes to build and launch your bot. No programming required, just draw a flowchart. Build once, publish anywhere. Make your own bot today. It is free.
Behind every new bot, conversational UI, or AI system are people working at the intersection of design, data, and technology. This day is all about them.
Humanity.AI, a single-track conference chock full of talks with designers, animators, engineers, researchers, and product folks who are keeping humanity at the forefront of AI advancements.
Use code FOGrow to get 15% off tickets!
10/18 October 2016 MoNage ChatBot Meetup - MoNage ChatBot New York (New York, NY)
We will be discussing the Future of Communications and the impact of ChatBots.
10/19 Bot Day by O'Reilly - 20% Off for Members - SF Data Science (San Francisco, CA)
If you’re working with bots—or think you should be—you don’t want to miss O'Reilly Bot Day on October 19 in San Francisco. 
10/19 Intelligent Bot Development - nodeJS Barcelona (Barcelona)
During the meetup we will understand bots and channels. The example during the meetup will be a facebook/skype bot that allows to explore apartments, do the reservation, and even receive a QR Code to use as a key.
10/20 Let's talk about bots & network after listening to speakers from fb, kik etc. - BotWatch Conference L.A. #1 (Santa Monica, CA)
BotWatch #1 is the first Chat Bot Conference in Santa Monica.It’s a free event with speakers from Facebook, kik & many more! Here’s the speakers list.
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