Bot! zine - Issue #47

Thanks everyone who came out to watch our first livestreamed tutorial! You can view the archived vers
Bot! zine - Issue #47
By Bot! zine • Issue #47
Thanks everyone who came out to watch our first livestreamed tutorial! You can view the archived version here on YouTube. If you’d be interested in hosting a tutorial of your own via Botwiki, let us know!
Tons of great stories this week! Remember to keep sending in your favorite bots so I can include them in the list (sure, even ones you’ve made!). Just reply to this email. 
Have a great week!

Required Reading
Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Team Up to Keep AI From Getting Out of Hand
Say hello to the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society.
Amazon launches $2.5 million Alexa Prize for college students building bots
Amazon announced the Alexa Prize this morning, a challenge to create a bot able to have an engaging 20-minute conversation with humans. The winning team gets $500,000 and a $1 million prize for their university.
In Praise of Stupid Bots
Why are we so intent on making our bots talk like humans?
Google Is Using Romance Novels To Build Artificial Intelligence
When robots take over the world, they may end up spouting the kind of quick-paced dialogue that makes Romance novels and thrillers the most popular genres among readers.
How Pullstring's Jessie Humani bot went from being white to a woman of color
When Jessie Humani made its debut in April, it was a young white woman with straight reddish-brown hair in a tank top and pair of sunglasses. About a month ago she became a racially ambiguous young woman with hoop earrings, curly hair, and a nose ring.
After A Rocky Romance, Can We Commit To Bots With Professional Benefits?
Last summer, eight startups went to camp to make bots more productive and rewarding for consumers and businesses.
Microsoft's bot platform is more popular than Facebook's among developers
More than 45,000 developers are now using the Microsoft Bot Framework, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Monday. This makes it one of the most popular ways to create a bot, in part because of its versatility.
How to get teams addicted to your Slack bot: A teardown of Howdy
Howdy is a friendly Slack bot that runs your team’s meetings. Howdy was early to the Slack platform, and has many (well deserved!) fans…
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
LINE Announces Plans for Expanded Development and Proliferation of Chatbots
New Messaging API Announced and Officially Provided to Developers
🏵🌱wildflowers🌾🌼 (@wildflowersbot)
im a bot what explores fields of flowers - by @Objelisks
Get a Jelly answer without leaving Twitter
We’re bringing the knowledge of the Jelly community directly to you.
PullString Enterprise
The PullString Platform offers a professional authoring environment, hosted AI and machine learning runtime, and integrated conversation analytics to enterprises, agencies, and startups across verticals as diverse as entertainment, customer service, travel, automotive, health and fitness, finance, human resources, and IoT.
10/3 Bot Builders Meet Up with Chris Davey, Nir Eyal, James McHugh, Beerud Sheth - Bot Builder MeetUp (San Francisco, CA)
Our next meetup will focus on the impact of bots on recruitment / staffing. Hosted at The Smokestack, Magnolia Brewery - great ribs, brisket, and beers brewed on-site will be served.
10/6 Bot Demo Night - Bay Area Bot, Chat and Conversational App Developers (San Francisco, CA)
There is much to learn from other chatbot products and the multiple approaches that organizations have when developing their bot initiatives.
10/6 SydBot (Oct) - Let’s talk Bots... - Sydney Bots Meetup (Sydney)
To launch our first Sydney Bots Meetup we’ve got 2 great talks lined up… Talk 1 - The principles of good conversational experiences.
10/6 Botathon 1.0 - LA Chat Bot Meetup (Los Angeles, CA)
Fellow Botmasters! The time has come for the Los Angeles tech community to come together to collaborate and create meaningful projects involving bots on messaging platforms.
BotBeat: The state of chatbots - How to win
BotBeat: The state of chatbots - How to win
Chatbots are everywhere right now, but there’s a problem. Almost every article is telling you about a particular bot, or the future implications of chatbots. That’s fine, but where are the instructions on how to build chatbots, what they can do to help your business, how to set them up for success, and what the market opportunity is?
CHATBOT SUMMIT is the first international chatbot & artificial intelligence summit to be held at the David InterContinental hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Behind every new bot, conversational UI, or AI system are people working at the intersection of design, data, and technology. This day is all about them.
Humanity.AI, a single-track conference chock full of talks with designers, animators, engineers, researchers, and product folks who are keeping humanity at the forefront of AI advancements.
Email me if you’d like to talk about sponsorship opportunities!
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