Bot! zine - Issue #45

I'm still waiting for you folks to send me some of your favorite bots so I can include them in the ne
Bot! zine - Issue #45
By Bot! zine • Issue #45
I’m still waiting for you folks to send me some of your favorite bots so I can include them in the newsletter! C'mon… even ones you’re working on personally are fine! 
I just want to find the coolest stuff out there and share it with our readers – why bother having a newsletter like this if we’re not spreading the word about the little-known baby bots out there in the world?
Reply back or hit me up on Twitter! @botwikidotorg or @veronica

Required Reading
Hard questions about bot ethics
Bots are becoming a part of our life. I wake up in the morning and tell Alexa to play my Brazilian samba, I let Amy set my meetings and I check stats and..
Facebook Messenger now allows payments in its 30,000 chat bots, adds support for webviews
Facebook today filled the biggest hole in its chatbot platform. Messenger bots can accept payments natively without sending users to an external website,..
6 roles where chatbots are so useful right now
Bots may lack the initiative that true, fully realized AI promises, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful to us right now.
Joshua Browder on bots that fight bureaucracy
In episode five of the O’Reilly Bots podcast, Pete Skomoroch and I speak with Joshua Browder, the 19-year old founder and CEO of DoNotPay, a series of bots that help people with legal issues, including challenging parking tickets, challenging bank charges, and claiming government assistance for homelessness. 
Meet the 6 People Who Will Change Your Mind About Chatbots
With the flood of chatbots in your Facebook feed, and AI quickly transcending TV and film to be a much greater reality in our everyday lives, the question “what are chatbots… and why should I care about them?” has probably crossed your mind at some point in the last few years.
Customer Service Bots Are Getting Better at Detecting Your Agitation
A virtual assistant that can tell you’re frustrated can slow down and help you out.
Talkabot Talks: Robert Hoffer, co-founder of Activebuddy
Robert has co-founded a number of internet companies, but none perhaps as important to the bot space as ActiveBuddy.
Talkabot Schedule & Interviews
With just three weeks remaining until our first ever TALKABOT conference in Austin, here is the full program of events, and a collection of pre-interviews our team conducted with our speakers. 
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Messenger Platform 1.2: Link Ads to Messenger, Enhanced Mobile Websites, Payments and More
Today, we’re happy to share some features that we’ve been working on to create experiences that deliver value for people, businesses, and developers.
Botmaking from the Ground Up | botwiki 🤖
A Beginner’s Workshop on Automating Twitter with Bradley Momberger, creator of @we_didnt_start and @uber_but_for
what the bot?!
Convos with chatbots to make you SMH and LOL. Screenshot your bot and submit.
Standup Bot by So Fetch
Standup Bot helps teams get back in sync. Instead of wasting time, a standup meeting gets to the meat of the meeting quickly by asking: What did you accomplish yesterday? What are you working on today? Is anything standing in your way?
Beep Boop on the App Store
Beep-beep-boop-beep! Show off your love of robots with these cute and flashy sticker bots. Peel and stick these little robotic minions into your chat!
Learnings from the first Botness survey
A few weeks ago the Botness community launched a survey asking bot builders to share information with other bot builders and platforms…
9/19 September Tech Talk: Informal Twitter Bot Workshop - PyLadies ATX (Austin, TX)
We will start off the night with a short presentation on the Twitter API and the Twython Python Library by Irma Kramer.
After the presentation, we’ll open it up to a little hacking on a twitter bot of your own!
9/20 Swiss Bot Tech Summit by LastMile & Google (Zurich) - Bots Berlin: Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp meets AI, ML, NLP (Berlin)
We’re thrilled to bring “bots" over from Berlin to Zurich for the first time! We’ve teamed up with Google Engineering to host an evening full of exciting talks about AI, machine learning and natural language processing.
Hype surrounding chat bots is everywhere. And often, we’re left pondering: what exactly is the significance of this new technology and how far can it go?
We’d like to invite to you join us at our first #BotYVR meetup. The goal is to do a little community building here on the West Coast and talk bots, AI and conversational interfaces. We’ll be doing a lightning demo, if you want to show off what you’re building shoot us a message.
Learn from 3 companies on how to have a bot idea and turn it into a business. Speakers: Artyom - Co-founder/CEO, Statsbot.
Ellen Choi - Co-Founder, CareerLark.  
Roy Pereira - Founder/CEO,, (previously founder/CEO Shiny Ads, acquired by RUBI.NYSE).
Sept. 28 & 29, 2016 Fair Market Austin, TX - Two days of bot talks and community building! Bot! zine readers get 25% off the price of admission! Go see talks from bot luminaries like Ted Livingston of Kik, Amir Shevat of Slack, Esther Crawford of Olabot, and many more!
ChatbotConf 2016 • 14 Oct 2016 • Vienna, Austria
CBC16 primary aim is to connect industry leaders and innovators across Europe to become a major hub in the international chatbots movement.
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Oracle launches a chatbot development platform
At the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco today, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s former chief executive and current chief technology officer, showed off a new platform for building and running chatbots.
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