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Bot! zine - Issue #45

I'm still waiting for you folks to send me some of your favorite bots so I can include them in the ne
Bot! zine - Issue #45
By Bot! zine • Issue #45 • View online
I’m still waiting for you folks to send me some of your favorite bots so I can include them in the newsletter! C'mon… even ones you’re working on personally are fine! 
I just want to find the coolest stuff out there and share it with our readers – why bother having a newsletter like this if we’re not spreading the word about the little-known baby bots out there in the world?
Reply back or hit me up on Twitter! @botwikidotorg or @veronica

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9/20 Swiss Bot Tech Summit by LastMile & Google (Zurich) - Bots Berlin: Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp meets AI, ML, NLP (Berlin)
ChatbotConf 2016 • 14 Oct 2016 • Vienna, Austria
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Oracle launches a chatbot development platform
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