Bot! zine - Issue #40

Some sad news to kick us off this week: is shutting down. It's a bit sobering; startups ar
Bot! zine - Issue #40
By Bot! zine • Issue #40
Some sad news to kick us off this week: is shutting down.

It’s a bit sobering; startups are always tough, but there’s a lot of excitement and enthusiasm around the bot space right now. Many of us are trying to make real businesses out of them, and it won’t be easy.
Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom in the newsletter this week! Lots of interesting new bots, from President Obama himself to Marmaduke on psychedelics. I don’t make the news, kids, I only report it! ;)

Required Reading
Slack Fund-backed shuts down
In an email to VentureBeat today, CEO Van Miranda said the company is shutting down because it was “unable to secure additional investment beyond Slack Fund and a few angel investors.”
Ask the ethicist: Should bots get a byline?
With journalists at The Washington Post, BuzzFeed and The Associated Press using bots to automate reporting, there remains some confusion about who gets credit for a story produced by a bot.
“The best thing about bots is they never get tired, bored, or upset. They have infinite energy, whereas humans need to take breaks to take care of ourselves.”
We know they’re here, near, and dear. We also know this space is new (again), and that adoption of bots by businesses and the general…
How to Bot (a lesson for humans)
This will be a small article on how to approach bots, and how to use them properly. As a recent bot developer, I have witnessed many people…
This Startup Is Teaching Chatbots Real Empathy
The MIT-born machine learning startup, Koko, just got a cash injection to teach chatbots some compassion.
This new chatbot wants you to be able to talk directly with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
FutureStates is a chatbot designed to let users pose basic policy questions — think, “Do you support the legalization of marijuana?” or “How will you reduce the number of people in U.S. prisons?” — to the four major candidates running for the Oval Office
Will Chatbots and AI Replace Federal Customer Service Reps?
Advances in messaging and artificial intelligence technology could replace workers in federal call centers.
If people don’t like your bot when it’s you behind the scenes, they definitely won’t like your AI-powered one. Don’t write any code until…
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
President Obama now has a Facebook Messenger bot
The White House announced today that President Obama will use a Facebook Messenger bot to retrieve correspondence from citizens. People who send messages to the White House Facebook page will now speak with the bot.
 This robot lawyer helps the newly evicted file for housing aid
Its creator previously took on parking tickets and flight delays.
Charity: Water on Facebook Messenger
Charity: Water on Facebook Messenger - The first nonprofit to accept donations through Messenger. (Charity and Giving and Facebook Messenger) support for kik
Want analytics for your Kik bot? We now support Kik natively! Brief overview of support for Kik. SDK documentation at Sign up for free at
Pharmaduke (@pharmaduke3000)
The latest Tweets from Pharmaduke (@pharmaduke3000). bot combining Marmaduke comics + Erowid trip reports at random. posts every three hours. smoke something. by @nah_solo
Editing NewYorkTimes (@nyt_diff)
The latest Tweets from Editing NewYorkTimes (@nyt_diff). Bot that highlights the changes in the news on the main page of @nytimes. By @j_e_d. Based on the idea of @newsdiffs
Sept. 28 & 29, 2016 Fair Market Austin, TX - Two days of bot talks and community building! Bot! zine readers get 25% off the price of admission! Go see talks from bot luminaries like Ted Livingston of Kik, Amir Shevat of Slack, Esther Crawford of Olabot, and many more!
If you’re interested in hosting a panel or talk of your own at the event, there’s still time! Submit your ideas here.
We’ll check our pulse on interest and capability for messaging based conversational solutions combining ChatBot AI & Human service. Is 2016 also the year of Conversational UI in Slovenia/EU as Chris Messina wrote and talked about.
8/16 AI ChatBots Israel 2016 August MeetUp - AI ChatBots Israel (Tel Aviv-Yafo)
IBM recently released the Watson Conversation service to make the difficult task of automatically understanding and responding the end users as simple as possible. The service provides a nifty GUI for training and configuring intents and dialog flow. From virtual agents to chat bots, see what you can do with new cool Watson Conversation API to automate interactions and take your application to a whole next level. 
8/16 Chat with the Pebble Core Team: The #1 Alexa Wearable - Chat Bots + AI Assistants SF (Alexa, Okay Google, Siri) (San Francisco, CA)
Come learn about the upcoming Pebble Core from Pebble's head of engineering, Thomas Sarlandie.
Thomas, grew up in France with a passion for computers and the Internet and was barely an intern dur
Chat bots. They’re hype. You can text them, and through the miracle of NLP, they’ll text you back. But is it really that easy? Yes. It is. Show up to this meetup, and three hours later you w
8/17 Build Your Own Chatbot - An Introduction to Azure Bot Framework and - Austin Microsoft Developers (Austin, TX)
"Bots are the new apps!"
You've probably have heard some variation of this statement in the past year. Seems that everyone is building bots! You can build and connect intelligent chat b
8/18 Bots over Breakfast - Product Hunt Durham 😺 (Durham, NC)
Bot startups have been 🔥 on Product Hunt this summer. You might not have thought about bots yet, but let me tell you, bots have been thinking about you.
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