Bot! zine - Issue #39

Getting back into the swing of being a full time employee for Growbot after 8 years of being a freela
Bot! zine - Issue #39
By Bot! zine • Issue #39
Getting back into the swing of being a full time employee for Growbot after 8 years of being a freelancer has been fascinating this past week – figuring out the new coffee machine, getting up-to-speed on everything the team has been working on, figuring out where all the good lunch places are downtown (you know, the really critical stuff). 
But it has also finally shown me how dependent on Slack we are (helps that we’re building a Slack bot). I’ve used Slack as a fan now for a while, mostly in interest-based teams (like Botmakers, of course). To see how it works as a work tool has been super interesting to me. 
What are your favorite bots for work? Let me know by replying here, or sending us a tweet at botwikidogorg!

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Even more bots! We’re hosting our second bot demo night to showcase more Slack, Facebook Messenger, and other platform bots. San Francisco.
Join us at Slack HQ for an evening of networking, learning, and yes, bots. Come for the delightful lineup of speakers to inspire your bot-building fancy, stay for the networking possibilities. We will also be offering a variety of both solid and liquid sustenance 🍖.
Why should I attend? 
Because new ideas and connections in the real world can be beneficial. 
We are creating a monthly space for developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to discuss chatbots along with supporting technologies, platforms, and growth strategies.  
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