Bot! zine - Issue #38

Happy new week, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. On a personal note, I'm making this whole "bo
Bot! zine - Issue #38
By Bot! zine • Issue #38
Happy new week, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. 
On a personal note, I’m making this whole “bot thing” my full time job starting this week: I’m joining Growbot as Product Manager
But don’t worry, Bot! zine will still be coming at you every week. Tell a friend! Share us on social! Help us spread the good word! We appreciate it big time.

Required Reading
The pros and cons of using Amazon Alexa as a model for chatbots
Yet, Alexa is far from perfect. She is not a sentient being. And, for now, Alexa has enough faults that this intelligent voice agent is not the most ideal example of how all chatbots — which use text in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger — should work. There are some good points and some serious issues, like anything that is innovative in tech. Here are a few to keep in mind.
Great Falls teen builds bot heard round the world. Now it will become a start-up.
A drone-loving techie leads his team — and dad — into the bot world, routing 250 grown-ups along the way.
The First Truly Awesome Chatbot Is A Talking T. Rex
National Geographic uses a virtual Tyrannosaur to teach kids about dinosaurs—and succeeds where other chatbots fail.
How a conversational chatbot will change how we work
“Let everyone in the office know I’m running late.”
Do You Email Yourself? Now there is a Bot for That
Sometimes all you need to do, is send a Quick Thought to Yourself, a Link or a To-Do… So how do a vast number of us solve this problem?
Every person with a Facebook Page should have a bot
Two weeks ago I was on stage with Redfoo (yes, of LMFAO) at the VentureBeat MobileBeat summit.
The 6 best chatbots for iPhone users | Best free chatbots for iOS
We strike up conversation to achieve all sorts of things, from sharing the latest gossip to getting hold of vital information. But the art of chatting is taking a very different direction in the 21st century. Here are 6 of our favourite chatbots for iPhone users - and they’re all free
5 tips for writing chatbot scripts
Chatbots are hot right now in the startup community. It seems like a new bot releases every day. I’m not always sure that chat interfaces are ideal solutions — I find scanning the news on Flipboard much quicker than chatting for the news — but the blending of A.I. with a chat interface is a match made in heaven for many verticals, including health care.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories: stories/conversational app demo - YouTube stories demo for conversational apps and chatbots. This example shows you how to set up a conversation for ordering pizza. You may download our public…
So you want to build a chat bot?
Considerations on making a conversational bot
Lunch pre-order startup Allset now on Facebook Messenger
The lunch pre-order startup Allset now allows people to use its service to book a table and order takeout and delivery through a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, the company announced today.
Marsbot Is Dreaming of You
While Pokemon Go makes location play a thing, original geo-gamer Foursquare flirts with bots
Your photo postcards, printed and mailed anywhere with the Courier chatbot
The PaperBot
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Sept. 28 & 29, 2016 Fair Market Austin, TX - Two days of bot talks and community building! Bot! zine readers get 25% off the price of admission! Go see talks from bot luminaries like Ted Livingston of Kik, Amir Shevat of Slack, Esther Crawford of Olabot, and many more!
If you’re interested in hosting a panel or talk of your own at the event, there’s still time! Submit your ideas here.
8/1 And now, build bots.. (entrance details for the venue below) - Messaging Bots London (London, England)
Our August meetup will be all about building bots - from super simple personal resume bots (i am thinking - Kritibot..) all the way to more complex, advanced bots. 
8/2 Bots are the New Apps: Building with the Bot Framework & Language Understanding - Microsoft Mobile App Devs of New York City (#MMADNYC) (New York, NY)
Join us for an exciting talk where we’ll explore the role of bots and conversation agents in various business scenarios. Come learn the fundamentals of the new Bot Framework
8/3 Bots: Overview and Getting started - Charlotte Bots and AI Meetup (Charlotte, NC)
Since this is the first meetup, we will go over the basics of chatbots, platforms and how companies are using it. It will be informal
8/4 Meet Bot Startups - San Francisco Internet Startups (San Francisco, CA)
Meet local bot startups, and hear them discuss issues related to the challenges and opportunities of the bot marketplace.
8/5 Fintech: AI Chatbots and the Mobile Bank - FinTech Singapore (Singapore)
We discuss and debate how AI chatbots will transform financial services.
8/7 [FREE EVENT] Learn how to make your own Facebook Bot - Lets decode the Javascript (Delhi)
Too busy to answer messages on your Facebook page?
Want to create a service to help others on Facebook?
Facebook messenger bot can help you do this. Now can create a bot for on your Facebook pages and respond to messages using your own Custom service, Machine learning or AI.
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