Bot! zine - Issue #37

Welcome to Issue #37 everyone! As the bot conversation heats up, a lot of mainstream publications are
Bot! zine - Issue #37
By Bot! zine • Issue #37
Welcome to Issue #37 everyone! As the bot conversation heats up, a lot of mainstream publications are taking notice. It’s been fun finding new sources of stories for the newsletter this week! 
There are also an incredible number of events happening this week all around the world, so check those out below.
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Required Reading
Better believe the bot boom is blowing up big for B2B, B2C businesses (VB Live)
The bot trend is currently taking the tech industry by storm, but don’t mistake this sudden rise to fame as another fad. More and more companies are discovering how beneficial bot use can be for their businesses, and it’s only becoming more obvious as bigger brands are jumping in and reaping the rewards.
Why chatbots could save the Apple Watch before it’s too late
Yet, there’s only one thing that will save the Watch from certain failure, and it could provide an amazingly rich experience. I’m talking about chatbots, of course. 
Bot influencers are the programmatic future of conversational advertising
While bots had previously been limited to very specific requests, such as checking a balance or flight status, next-generation AI, like the recently unveiled Viv, will better understand context and integrate with a host of services — including programmatic advertising.
How chatbots and A.I. will change the future
In the near future, assistants like Siri, Amazon Echo, Facebook M, or Google’s Master Bot will have access to all of the bot services you use and be able to process orders on the back end seamlessly. In other words, you will tell Siri what you want, Siri will find it and give you a few great options, and you will be able to order and pay seamlessly. Siri will command other bots.
City University London experts warn us to not let chatbots take over our lives
Simone Stumpf, senior lecturer at City University London, said while we already use AI technology in some forms like Siri, to more work needs to be done to help us trust the technology.
The Bot-repreneur: Part 1 of a regular series on Life inside the Betaworks Bot Camp
Five weeks ago we made a toast to our new Bot Camp adventure, but it wasn’t until last Monday that we found ourselves sitting in the betaworks studio with 7 other bot companies. In the heart of the Meatpacking District, only a block away from the Whitney Museum and right next to the High Line, we embarked on our 11 week journey.
Why the U.S. Army, Alaska Airlines, and Amtrak may soon launch Facebook chatbots
Some of the biggest names in air travel and health care, as well as the U.S. government, may soon bring their virtual assistants to Facebook, Amazon’s Alexa, and Twilio, as Next IT announced today that bots created with its Alme platform can now join the popular chat app platforms.
How Brands Can Use Chatbots in Advertising | DigitalNext
Brands know that to advertise effectively on mobile, they need to gain access to consumers through the few apps that dominate daily smartphone use. This is one reason why brands have embraced Facebook’s recent announcement that it plans to support chatbots on Messenger.
Techdirt Podcast Episode 82: Chatbots: Fad Or The Future?
Chatbots have been around for a very long time in some form or another, but now they appear to be making a comeback — or at least attempting one. This week, Mike and regular co-host Dennis (who is working on a chatbot startup) are joined by special guest Veronica Belmont to discuss the potential of chatbots and just how much skepticism is warranted.
Four Critical Questions That Chatbot Entrepreneurs Should Ask Themselves
Things have been really heating up since we saw the first wave of “conversational UI” companies in early 2015, and now there isn’t a week that goes by where we aren’t pitched a new chatbot app. While plenty has been written about the space, my sense is that there is still a great deal of confusion in the market.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Meet BOND, a bot that’ll make you richer!
Everyone, including me, wants to become rich. But why is it that only a few like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates & Steve Jobs achieve it? Like…
Productivity Hacks | The Chatbot Way
Here is a description of the chat bots I’ve tried and how they have helped me in increasing my productivity. There are many others that I’m not aware of, you guys can comment and help me discover more of them.
The Best Facebook Messenger Bots - Slideshow
Turns out that in those few months, however, developers have been going nuts creating Facebook “conversational UIs” to talk with. Last count was around 11,000. That’s a lot o’ bots. The tools are only getting better for developers, so the bots are only going to get better for consumers talking to them.
Sept. 28 & 29, 2016 Fair Market Austin, TX - Two days of bot talks and community building! Bot! zine readers get 25% off the price of admission! Go see talks from bot luminaries like Ted Livingston of Kik, Amir Shevat of Slack, Esther Crawford of Olabot, and many more!
If you’re interested in hosting a panel or talk of your own at the event, there’s still time! Submit your ideas here.
Get your laptops out, this is not a talk, this is a workshop.
Drew Broadley has been working with financial institutes to help build in natural language features and functionality into their product o
In preparation for the upcoming NodeBots Hackathan, organized in conjunction with Cristina Solana, MiamiJS, Tinker.Build, and others: We would like to introduce everyone to NodeBots!
NodeBots allows y
Slack's a super popular messaging service. Building a bot that can respond to your messages is simple and fun!  ChatOps or Giphy anyone??
This will be a hands-on meetup, so bring your computer an
Hey gang! We're trying something new for meetup #2. Each meetup will be organized around a single challenge.
This month, we're going to build Twitter bots using NLP tools like SpaCy and Chat
Our first NY Slack meetup panel! Learn from 3 companies on how their bots are making 1000's of companies more productive, happier and efficient.
  • Scott Britton - Co-Founder, Troops. 
Chatbots are here. From Facebook to Slack and from Microsoft to WeChat, everyone is salivating about this potential shift in how businesses serve their customers with these “smart” agents. The platfor
Why are people so excited about Chatbots? Because Chatbots are the next big thing. You see most people spend most of their day on messaging apps and chatbots are seen as the future as to how people wi
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