Bot! zine - Issue #33

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Issue #33 of Bot! zine. This is Veronica speaking, the new primary conten
Bot! zine - Issue #33
By Bot! zine • Issue #33
Hello, everyone! Welcome to Issue #33 of Bot! zine. This is Veronica speaking, the new primary content curator for this newsletter! If you want to send us ideas for posts or articles you’ve seen around the web for possible inclusion in the newsletter (or if you’ve written something about bots that you think would be a fit) let me know via Twitter!
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Required Reading
New APIs + new capabilities = totally awesome. 
Hey, you got buttons in my conversational UI!
Over 50 startups are building chatbots for the enterprise, says Betaworks | VentureBeat
Since Peter Rojas, cofounder of Engadget and Gizmodo, left AOL for Betaworks last summer, he’s had two-hour conversations daily with director of seed investment Matt Hartman.
How Kik Predicted The Rise of Chat Bots — Backchannel
The messaging app started working on bots years before its competitors. But can it beat the heavyweights of Silicon Valley?
India is primed for the chatbot revolution | VentureBeat
“I realized that, in India, WhatsApp isn’t a feature or an app like Uber or Swiggy but rather a basic utility like Internet or cell reception.”
5 Scenarios for How Humans and Bots Work Together. — Slack Platform Blog
The era of bots is upon us, and in this era of collaboration between services (or micro-services) it is critical to explore how bots will…
Hipmunk embraces bots with an A.I. travel assistant for Facebook Messenger and Slack
Travel-planning search engine Hipmunk has joined the growing throng of companies to embrace the bot revolution with the launch of an A.I.-powered assistant that provides automated advice to would-be travelers.
Statsbot, Mixpanel, Slack: The trifecta of workplace productivity
Statsbot is a leading example of how bots-for-businesses will become as common as wearing hoodies to work, keeping Slack conversations data-driven.
New Bots, Tools, and Directories:
Burner's New Chatbot Is Designed To Drive Away People You Don't Want To Talk To | Fast Company
The disposable phone number service now lets you outsource your conversations with suitors who can’t take a hint.
All Buttoned Up | Slack
All the Slack bots that use buttons! Wait… are these bots or just apps now?
Bot Explorer
A bot to search and explore bots for messenger, slack, sms, kik and telegram. Bots in bots in bots in bots.
Tweet Game of Life (@tweetgameoflife) | Twitter
Tweet at me, get procedurally generated art. This sorta, kinda, is art… right?. San Francisco, CA
Have a bot-related event coming up? Send us a link via Twitter and we’ll include it in the next issue!
Web Dev Lightning Talks + Workshop: Make a Slack Chatbot with NodeJS! - Learn to Code LA (Los Angeles, CA)
Join us for another web dev meetup at Opodz for a workshop on using JavaScript to write a Slack chat bot and time for other project demos! If you want to share a project or give a lightning talk, send
First meeting for the group! Please come out to chat about conversational commerce. We'll be pulling in thought leaders and entrepreneurs focused in the space for a panel, and look forward to mee
All skill levels welcome for this edition of MN Bot Makers!  I will be demonstrating the ease of getting a basic slack bot up and running with Botkit!
Also, if you have a bot you have been working on,
Back again with nodebots! This time we have an eclectic mix of bots which should make things interesting.
We have some spheros, a moon rover looking thing called 'The Thumper', the usual mix
What's Your Favorite Bot? ( Or Are You Living Under a Rock?) - Singapore Artificial Intelligence & Bots Meetup (Singapore)
There are tons of Bots. There are tons of people interested and building Bots. And there is even a Bot that notifys news about Bots. Its time to share what are our Top 3 Favourite Bots. I have a ton.
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