Bot! zine - Issue #32

Cataloging the world of friendly online bots. Please consider supporting the project at
Bot! zine - Issue #32
By Bot! zine • Issue #32
Cataloging the world of friendly online bots. Please consider supporting the project at :-)

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Reading list
At an event sponsored by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, experts explored questions about systems that would make decisions without human input.
Artificial intelligence has bested humanity in almost every intellectual pursuit going. They’ve trounced us at chess, murdered us on the TV show…
How do you design chatbots real people will want to use every day? It starts with strong design principles.
Some early best practices for good messenger bots.
While some bots are helping to streamline food delivery, others are helping to build a more equitable society.
It seems universally accepted that machine learning and robotics will change the way we live and work.
Are you excited about Messenger Bots? If not, maybe this will help - Facebook recently gave a rundown on the possibilities of bots for Messenger and the extents to which they can be used.
University of Washington hosted a free public workshop on artificial intelligence, co-hosted by the White House and UW’s Tech Policy Lab.
A two day convergence to explore the past, present and future of bots in commerce, journalism and entertainment.
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