Bot! zine - Issue #30

Cataloging the world of friendly online bots. Please consider supporting the project at
Bot! zine - Issue #30
By Bot! zine • Issue #30
Cataloging the world of friendly online bots. Please consider supporting the project at :-)

Meet @Jumpcomet
Friendly neighborhood Twitter bot
Boltmade’s 31 Days of Bots in May: Bot #15, Awww Bot
Do you need some cuteness to brighten up your day?
Reading list
Why Amazon’s Alexa swears | VentureBeat | Bots | by Joe Shepter
A few months ago, a pair of grown (but not necessarily grown-up) men discovered that Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa swears. You can use her Simon Says command to make her say “crap.” They also found that if you try to make her say “shit,” she’ll do it but bleep herself out.
Usability Heuristics for Bots
In 1990, Jakob Nielsen developed 10 usability heuristics for evaluating user interfaces.
“Notably, Amazon’s Alexa,’s Amy, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana have something else in common: they are all explicitly gendered as female. It’s possible to choose from a range of voices for Siri—either male or female, with American, British, or Australian accents—but the female voice is the default, and defaults being what they are, most people probably never even consider that the voice can be changed.”
B2BOTS (May 17, NYC)
Come meet and eat with other bot makers and thinkers!
Chatbot platforms, how do they differ and which one should I choose? (May 18, Online)
A focused online discussion with a handful of botmakers and shakers.
alt-ai (May 20 - 22, NYC)
Exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and art.
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