Bot! zine #35: Big Bot Business

Several members of Botmakers had big announcements this week, which is always nice! General Catalyst'
Bot! zine #35: Big Bot Business
By Bot! zine • Issue #35
Several members of Botmakers had big announcements this week, which is always nice! General Catalyst’s Phil Libin goes in-depth in his own blog post about why he’s investing in “substantial” bots, which I believe is code for “potentially profitable.”
But everyone still wants to know what the first major bot hit is going to be. If history tells us anything, it’ll probably have to do with dating or sex. 
I, for one, welcome our new sexy bot overlords.
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Required Reading
Dating apps are extremely popular. Although some don’t like to admit it but most of us, if not all, have used a dating app/website at least…
Cisco partners with bot makers Gupshup and
Cisco announced a partnership Monday with bot-building platforms Gupshup and that allows thousands of bots to quickly join Cisco Spark and Cisco Tropo platforms. It also turns up the intensity in competition between enterprise team communication chat apps like Skype and Slack.
Yahoo brings its news, weather, monkey, and finance bots to Facebook Messenger
This summer, Yahoo brought its news, weather, and virtual pet services to the Kik messaging app in the form of chatbots. At the time, the company hoped that these bots would help it learn how people might use the services within a conversational setting. A month later, Yahoo is launching them on one of the world’s most widely used communication platforms: Facebook Messenger.
A lot has been written over the past year about the differences between visual interfaces and conversational interfaces, but, there are…
This article was originally published by Shane Mac.
The sorts of things people say to a prayer chatbot
In between talks at Botness, a gathering of bot community leaders held last month in San Francisco, Andy Mauro wondered aloud if chatbots will ultimately make people more social.
Chatible, a bot that randomly connects anonymous Facebook Messenger users, has surpassed 250,000 users since its debut three weeks ago, according to creator Zain Amro.
Enterprise chatbots pose great security and integration challenges
Mobile messaging is growing. It has surpassed the popularity of social networking apps. For consumers, mobile messaging has quickly become their communication preference for personal and even business communication. 
News from the Botmakers Community
What worked and what didn’t in the first MessinaBot live chat
Two New Bot Investments from General Catalyst
Anyone who’s talked to me in the last few months knows that I’m excited about bots. “But Phil,” I brain-hear you asking, “aren’t most…
The starting line — Growbot’s diary
My name is Jeremy, cofounder & CEO of Growbot, a messaging bot on a mission to build better relationships at work through more frequent…
Pogo: the Slack bot that organizes your team’s information
Here at Alien Labs, we’re big fans of using chat for work! It makes us more productive, more transparent, and it’s fun to use. Yet working…
3 rules intelligent assistants must follow in the age of artificial intelligence
This has been the year of the chatbot. Siri opened up to developers recently. The Facebook Messenger bots arrived. The Slack App Store continues to evolve quickly with hundreds of bots.
New Bots, Tools, and Platform Updates:
Apple Enters The Bot Business — [in beta]
At betaworks, we are very excited about the opportunities conversational interfaces offer for building new kinds of products, services…
Invite Friends to Bot Experiences on Kik
Today, we’re introducing invites for Kik. As the name suggests, this new feature lets you easily share your favorite bot experiences with your friends.
Skype Bot developer update: cards, groups and more
Today we’re excited to announce some great new features for bot developers with the latest update of the Microsoft Bot Framework.
7/11 Ai ChatBots Israel Community Launch - Ai ChatBots Israel (Tel Aviv-Yafo)
19:00 - Gathering, mingling
19:30 - Keynotes : Ai ChatBots Israel Community Launch
Sasha Tabak - CEO and founder Ai ChatBots Lab @Cluster - Disruptive Tech Hub,
Art and Social Innovations
Ai ChatBots
7/13 RoS Bot Workshop - Detroit Hacker Nights (Detroit, MI)
For next week’s session, we will have: • Basic Introduction to ROS (Robot Operating System) • Introduction to Turtlebot • Introduction to Kinect/Stereoscopic Camera
Building Chatbots with Node.js - Online Training - July 13 & 14, 2016
A hands-on introduction to both the theoretical and applied aspects of designing and developing conversational interfaces, including an exploration of the landscape of chatbots, special concerns when building these types of interfaces, and learn to build…
7/14 Bots and NLP - SF Data Science (San Francisco, CA)
During this event we will focus on understanding the current capabilities of different NLP offerings, how folks are using them, and successful use cases. If you are interested in incorporating language understanding into your bot this event is a must attend!
7/14 Product Hunt NYC: Bot Summit - Product Hunt NYC (New York, NY)
Botheads assemble! The bot revolution has gone mainstream but it’s still in it’s nascency.  What have we learned so far? What’s up next?
7/16 Microsoft Bot Framework || HTML/CSS-Starters - Hackschool - Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe)
Welcome to our next Hackschool! We have two great workshops for you. Please note, that this Hackschool will be a bit more time consuming due to the Advanced Bots Workshop.
BotPages Inspector
BotPages Inspector: the first analytics platform for bots and conversational apps.
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