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🌱 TWiB September 5, 2021

The Week in Botany
We have another round-up of the stories shared by people following @BotanyOne on Twitter. It’s been another quiet week, and I’ve compiled this edition early as I have relatives visiting.
At the moment, next week is threatening to be quite a busy week on the blog, as we have a few stories due in. I need to get one finished myself on how plant roots could help ecosystems downstream of farmland. I’m hoping online activity will also pick up as the new term gets closer.
The next issue should be with you at the same time next week. Until then, take care.
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In Botany One
Regulation of flowering time in Japanese wild radish
The diversity and capacity of maize to adapt to a changing climate rests in the hands of farmers
Wheat adaptation to climate change
Honey bees are bad news for some plants in search of pollination
Susceptibility to olive quick decline syndrome is linked to xylem anatomy
Predicting rice yield under drought
The who, when, where of global plant discovery
News & Views
400-million-year-old fossil reveals how first roots emerged in Earth’s early plants
BGCI Launches the State of the World's Trees Report
Scientific Papers
Chloroplast SRP43 autonomously protects chlorophyll biosynthesis proteins against heat shock
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