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🌱TWiB October 4, 2021

The Week in Botany
Even though I put dates in the subject line each week, October has taken me by surprise. I notice the nights getting darker, but it’s felt solidly grey since around August. The plants in the garden show no real sign of reacting to the shorter days yet.
However, you can’t ignore time forever, and Fresher’s Flu is a reminder that autumn has returned to the Northern Hemisphere. I can feel my throat just starting to go. Fortunately, it’s not COVID.
Assuming it doesn’t develop into something serious, I’ll be back with another selection of stories shared by people following @BotanyOne on Twitter at the same time next week.
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In Botany One
A microscopic investigation of fibre development in Cannabis sativa
In cold weather, rice pollen suffers in a variety of ways as it struggles to develop
Groping in the soil for nutrients encourages root growth
Mutant clover reveals the connections between carbon and nitrogen fixation for legumes
Should you plant your tomato rows oriented north to south or east to west?
A book about trees and fungi, what’s not to like?
News & Views
Tomato is first CRISPR-edited food to go on sale in the world
Saguaro National Park offers so much more than iconic cacti
Queensland's Daintree rainforest to be returned to Indigenous Traditional Owners
Our climate projections for 2500 show an Earth that is alien to humans
Peru’s Incan Rope Bridges Are Hanging by a Thread
Scientific Papers
Flower structure and development in Pennantiaceae: uncovering diversity of pseudomonomerous gynoecia in the basal grade of the order Apiales
On the evolution of plant thermomorphogenesis
The quiescent centre of the root apical meristem: conceptual developments from Clowes to modern times
Differential degradation of RNA species by autophagy-related pathways in Arabidopsis
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