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🌱TWiB October 11, 2021

The Week in Botany
Over the week a computer scans the stories shared by people following @BotanyOne on Twitter. It means when I don’t, because I have a cold, for example, something is still watching. And then I can collate the links at the weekend. Unfortunately this week something broke in the system - unless the world decided Wiley wasn’t publishing anything of interest and I missed the memo.
It seems to be a different symptom each day, so on a day when I’m sneezing - but don’t have the headache - I’ll try to track down what the problem is and fix it. I’ll try to have it done so there’s a slightly more representative selection next week.
Alun (

In Botany One
Phenotypic plasticity to nutrient availability in a wetland invasive species
The mangroves the ice left behind
Virtual vineyards allow simulation studies of grapevine management practices
What happens when pollinators bring the wrong pollen?
Formal schooling reduces how well young people know the edible plants of their region
Improving gene regulatory network models with RNA levels in absolute units
News & Views
Illegal mining in the Amazon hits record high amid Indigenous protests
Colour me better: fixing figures for colour blindness
Stink bug discovery raises fears of threat to crops
Scientific Papers
Tissue-level transcriptomic responses to local and distal chilling reveal potential chilling survival mechanisms in maize
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