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🌱 TWiB November 22, 2021

The Week in Botany
Here comes another collection of stories shared by people following @BotanyOne on Twitter. I’m pleased we got Philip White’s bibliometrics article out this week. It’s interesting to see how bibliometrics can do more than just keep score.
The photo of the week is also the story of the week. Click on the photo to see the whole thing on Twitter.
There should be another collection of stories with you the same time next week.
Alun (

Photo of the Week
Nigel Pitman
Big plant news!🌿 A few days ago in the mountains of coastal #Ecuador a large international team of #botanists rediscovered #Gasteranthus extinctus, thought to be extinct for 30 years.

#floradelecuador #extinction #conservationoptimism
In Botany One
Estimating genetic variation in seed collections using seed morphology
How using bibliometrics can help guide people to your research, the case of the Ionome, Nutriome and Metallome
Target capture sequencing for investigating repetitive DNA
Plant computational model explains how leaf veins develop
Brassinosteroids regulate petal spur length in Aquilegia
News & Views
Forests: Tree deaths are increasing across Europe due to climate change
Farro Grain: The oldest grain in the world that is eaten even today
From asylum seeker to superstar gardener
Scientists solve 50-year-old mystery behind plant growth
Scientific Papers
Forest fires and climate-induced tree range shifts in the western US
Diverse forests are cool: Promoting diverse forests to mitigate carbon emissions and climate change
A donor-DNA-free CRISPR/Cas-based approach to gene knock-up in rice
Functional disruption of cell wall invertase inhibitor by genome editing increases sugar content of tomato fruit without decrease fruit weight
PHD Student - Genetic analysis of Arabidopsis and Sorghum mutants, molecular clony and functional characterization of candidate genes
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