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🌱 TWiB November 15, 2021

The Week in Botany
Welcome to another collection of the stories shared by people following @BotanyOne on Twitter. If you’re wondering why there’s been a lot of papers about scanning trees on Botany One recently, the answer is we’ve had the articles in from Annals of Botany, who have a special issue on 3D Forest Models and Laser Scanning Data out. Most of the papers are open access, but the few that are not are available through free access for the next couple of months.
Next week we should have an interesting item on bibliometrics. Philip White has explained how they can help shape an emerging scientific field. I learned a lot chatting with him on Zoom.
Beyond that, at the moment I have no idea what else next week will bring. I’m hoping for a haircut, as I haven’t had one for months. Whatever it brings, I plan to be back at the same time next week with the stories you’re sharing. Until next week, take care,
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In Botany One
Forest above-ground volume assessments with terrestrial laser scanning: a ground-truth validation experiment in temperate, managed forests
Sampling forests with terrestrial laser scanning
Genetic control of height and branch number of Brassica napus at low Phosphorus
Conservation strategies for the endangered Dianthus superbus in Latvia
Spatial arrangement of stomata in Michelia
News & Views
Botany in Action
Scammers impersonate guest editors to get sham papers published
Exploring social justice in ecosystem restoration
Timber Poachers Set a Forest on Fire. Tree DNA Sent One to Prison.
Scientific Papers
An siRNA-guided ARGONAUTE protein directs RNA polymerase V to initiate DNA methylation
A chickpea genetic variation map based on the sequencing of 3,366 genomes
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