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🌻 TWiB May 30, 2022

The Week in Botany
Here’s another collection of most of the top links shared by people following @BotanyOne on Twitter. It’s not all. The way I keep track of the job adverts is by seeing what I’ve retweeted and this week there were a lot of job adverts that we deliberately didn’t retweet. As a reminder, if I notice your job advert puts a lot of detail into text uploaded as an image but doesn’t include ALT text for people with visual difficulties, then Botany One will not retweet it.
I’ll be reminding the Annals of Botany of that this week, as they’ve prepared an attractive flyer for their forthcoming vacancy for a Social Media Secretary. It’s going to be a part-time role. When the details are finalised I’ll be sharing them with you here and on the weblog.
With any luck, that will be at the same time next week when the next newsletter will be with you, health permitting.
Alun (

In Botany One
How green is my planet?
Toxomerus basalis: The fly that uses a killer as a babysitter
Research from Germany discovers why your pollen allergies might be getting worse
Lessons from magnolias about past climatic events and plant evolution
News & Views
New 'CRISPR-Combo' method boosts genome editing power in plants
Never-ending rejections in academia and how to deal with them
Scientists Racing Against Time To Document Colombian Fern Species
Forest Service finds it was responsible for largest fire in New Mexico history
The Camp Amache rose is blooming. Here’s what it looks like
Scientific Papers
Can we improve the chilling tolerance of maize photosynthesis through breeding?
Detection of the metabolic response to drought stress using hyperspectral reflectance
Twenty-Five Years of Propagation in Suspension Cell Culture Results in Substantial Alterations of the Arabidopsis Thaliana Genome
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