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🌻 TWiB Jun 13, 2022

The Week in Botany
It’s been a busy week. Preparations are now in place to bring back the multilingual interface for the website. The first language to return will be Spanish, as any problems in the system are most likely to appear here. Once I’m satisfied that we have that working then the other languages will appear, probably at the rate of one every month or so, unless it turns out I’ve got the budget horrifically wrong.
There should also be a job advert from Annals of Botany out this week. The advert for the Social Media Secretary is ready. It’ll be a part-time job for about two or three days a week. I’ll be mentioning it here next week, but if you want to see it sooner, keep an eye on the @BotanyOne or @AnnBot accounts on Twitter.
I plan to be sending another email out at the same time next week, assuming COVID doesn’t strike. Until then, take care.
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News & Views
Antagonistic interactions of plant defense compounds
Meet Stiltgrass, Your New Garden Adversary
Where the sun don’t shine: How to get the most out of a shady garden
Research reveals the science behind this plant’s blue berries
Prickly row over ‘trip hazard’ shrubs pits gardener against council
John Kominoski: Sunlight – Functional Ecologists
Indigenous knowledge reveals history of fire-prone California forest
Scientific Papers
Primulina nana (Gesneriaceae), a new species from eastern Guangxi, China
Genome evolution and diversity of wild and cultivated potatoes
CLASP balances two competing cell division plane cues during leaf development
Metabolic evidence for distinct pyruvate pools inside plant mitochondria
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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