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The Week in Botany
It turns out an extra dot worked its way into a URL last week, so I’ll just mention that the Spanish homepage is at https://botany.one/es and hope this time the link works. I’m still working on the Spanish side of the site so it’ll be a little while before other languages return.
In other news, I thought the heatwave was bad in the UK, but there’s a message from Twitter, included below, showing that it had more dangers in parts of Europe. I expect dealing with unexploded ordnance is a tough job anyway, but doing it in the middle of a bush fire is a whole other level of difficulty.
Another issue of the newsletter should be with you at the same time next week. Until then, take care.
Alun (webmaster@botany.one)

Tom Isitt 🐝
Extraordinary scenes on the Italian/Slovenian border near Monfalcone, where brush fires are sweeping across the old WW1 battlefields. Slovenian media are reporting that WW1 UXOs can be heard exploding in the fires, and bomb-disposal teams have been sent to the area. #WW1 https://t.co/zpYzLFZRw2
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Scientific Papers
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Supra-organismal regulation of strigolactone exudation and plant development in response to rhizospheric cues in rice
Structural Plastome Evolution in Holoparasitic Hydnoraceae with Special Focus on Inverted and Direct Repeats
Mapping peat thickness and carbon stocks of the central Congo Basin using field data
Agrobacterium expressing a type III secretion system delivers Pseudomonas effectors into plant cells to enhance transformation
Light regulates xylem cell differentiation via PIF in Arabidopsis
Replicated radiation of a plant clade along a cloud forest archipelago
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How to create simple diagrams in Inkscape – a guide for scientists
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