The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter

By Jelena and Paul

We're the enterprise nerds. Staying on top of software news helps us in our jobs - so we'd like to help you, too. Every other week we lovingly curate 6 stories and bring you The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter. -Jelena and Paul

We're the enterprise nerds. Staying on top of software news helps us in our jobs - so we'd like to help you, too. Every other week we lovingly curate 6 stories and bring you The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter.

-Jelena and Paul

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The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #27: SAP TechEd, Waiters, Democratizing Data, Twitter WFH, Devtoberfest

What's old is new again. Two things in Juergen Mueller's opening keynote snagged on my brain, and naming things (one of the hard things in computer science) factored in both of them. SAP BuildTired: UI prototyping tool. Wired: low-code EVERYTHING. SAP Build i…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #26: Advice, Architects, SAP Q3, S/4HANA Roundup, VR Smell-O-Vision

Dear Younger Nerd Paul,This is Paul from the future. I'm turning on my quantum photonic neural mesh interface to send you/me a reverse-temporal email about things I'm seeing in the enterprise software development world that I think you/me should know. (The gr…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #25: RIP ABAP, Google Cloud, DSAG, SAP Connectors, AI for Flows, DORA DevOps

To borrow from Dickens, last week in ABAP “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.Let’s start with the worst. SAP ABAP Developer Edition got gone officially. This is extremely disappointing, especially for those who are stuck with old versions o…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #24: Composable Enterprise, Slack, Slack, IT Biz, SAP Tables, Low-code in Public Sector

Composable ERP has been one of those topics everyone loves to talk about, but no one really knows how it is supposed to work. In their usual “hold my beer” fashion, SAP marketing is now also talking about composable enterprise:Composable enterprise from an or…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #23: Fight Club, ZSAP, Data Mesh, ERPNext, SAP Development Iceberg, Adept AI

An article describing SAP for those unaware popped up on Hacker News. The most interesting part isn't the article itself, it's the hundreds of comments it generated on the site. The Hacker News crowd has a LOT to say about SAP things. Some love, some hate; as…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #22: Agile, Salesforce/SAP, API/BAPI, Fundamental, RICEF, Odoo

Traditional product development methodologies rely on the “big bang” delivery process. Sadly, this tends to cause the “oh, hamburgers!” moments when it turns out that the customers don’t like what they got after waiting 6 months for the product.Agile was supp…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #21: Futurism, EDI/API, Industry Cloud, Developer Accounting, SAP Community AI, Midjourney

"SAP" and "future" are concepts that rarely connect in my head. That's not meant to be a hater comment - just that the sci-fi fanboy part of my brain thinks of the future as the place where we travel to the stars, not where we match invoices 14% better. SAP d…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #20: Influence SAP, Microservices, Green, Connectors, Recruiting, Wearables

Discovering that there is a place to submit ABAP improvement requests to SAP feels like stumbling upon a magical portal accidentally left open by a scatter-minded wizard. I certainly hope though that the Influence Opportunity “SAP BTP ABAP Environment” (the o…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #19: Bears, MTV, SAPUI5, SAP AI Core, DeepMind

The article Of Bulls And Bears (Von Bullen und Bären) by Peter Hill is written with German precision, brutal honesty, and trademark humor (so subtle that you don’t recognize a joke until it suddenly hits you 3 sentences later). This expose talks about the dif…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #18: SAP Skills, ABAP RAP, AI Hyperdrive, ABAP Grug

I noted a story from Enterprise Times on skills. The title calls out "8 skills you must consider when hiring technical staff" - but in reality the piece talks about 2 separate skills concepts. It leads off noting that digital transformation - for all the BS t…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #17: COVID, Brave, Mike Tyson, Viva, GPT-3

Seasoned developers, like myself, tend to reminisce about the “old days” (about 5 years ago) and either admire or grumble about the progress made since. In his article How is computer programming different today than 20 years ago? ex-Microsofter Sedat Kapanoğ…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #16: Clean Code, BREAKTHROUGH, ABAP Tools, Games!

YouTube is the place you go for a quick tutorial but 2 hours later find yourself watching the latest K-pop sensation and wondering how you got there. But sometimes, you also stumble upon a video that is just <chef’s kiss>.This 2017 NDC conference talk “…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #15: SAP APIs, ERPaaS, SAP BTP Advice, Upgrades, Intelligent Data Platform, Trailblazing Women

What are APIs? APIs operate similarly to pizzerias. You don’t need to know how to make a pizza or where to procure the ingredients. You walk in (or use an app), select the toppings from the list, and then magically get a pizza based on your selection. If the …


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #14: Sapphire, SOAR, ABAP, FIDO, Google Cloud

I attended SAP Sapphire 2022 in person in Orlando. As a new SAP Mentor, I got lucky and scored a ticket. It may have been hot and sweaty outside, but it was worth the trip. Here are my unfiltered thoughts: Every day featured a morning keynote presentation. As…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #13: Upskilling, ServiceNow, Composable ERP, Process Mining, ABAP

In our previous stories and conversations about SAP developer learning, two questions came up consistently: what to learn exactly and where to find time?SAP technologies are going in so many directions, there is so much content, and at the end of the day, dev…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #12: SAP Innovation, ABAP, IT Skills, Ansible, DALL-E 2

Every year SAP sponsors an innovation contest among its customers and partners. As you might expect, it centers around SAP solutions in use productively. I'm curious how many entries they receive, since this year there are 60 finalists and 25 winners.Two of t…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #11: Signavio, CDS, Integration, Loom, Industry Cloud

I'm simultaneously underwhelmed and confused by product descriptions in enterprise technology. I remember when SAP announced the Signavio acquisition last year, I hunted around a little bit to try to learn exactly what they were buying. I think this video got…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #10: Data Leak, Digital Transformation, GPT-3 API, Integration Architecture

As this issue was going to the digital press, news broke out about a potential data leak on the SAP Influence website. The site has since been taken down and the lucky “influencers” have received the emails informing them about the incident.Just like in the s…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter - #9: Women's Day, Python, GoodData, SAP Event Mesh, Carbon Footprints

March 8th is the International Women’s Day and I wish our women readers (all 5 of them :) ) happy holiday! In SAP Community every year we celebrate International Editable SALV Day even though for over a decade SAP has ignored our pleas. I feel Women’s Day can…


The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter #8: Azure, Distributed SQL, SAP Fieldglass, NLP, RPA, TL;DR

Tim Zöller has a few issues with how enterprise software development is done, with "Enterprise Software Killed The Developer". Eye-grabbing title? Yes. Rings true? Also yes. I've worked directly and indirectly with enterprise development for 15+ years, and I …