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Hi Beautiful Soul!

I am Bonnielee Cuevas a Healer awakening women's fierce self-love and wild freedom through Spirituality. As a creator, I have dedicated my life to helping my fellow woman, my soul sister. You can learn more about me at 

This sacred space is where...

Once a week I will be in your inbox waiting for you to honor this commitment to yourself. This is about you and this Sacred time you have carved out for yourself. This is the time that you grab your cup of coffee or tea. This is the time that you sit cozy in bed or in your favorite chair. This is the time when your body, mind, and spirit are restored and rejuvenated. This is the time when you return to yourself every week and you are reminded of your greatness, your strength, and your power.

Every Saturday at 9:00 am EST you will receive...

My morning musings where I share with you experiences and insight to uplift you.

My weekly intuitive reading (audio recording) to provide you with wisdom, guide you on your journey and empower you to trust your own intuition.

A new meditation recorded just for you to help you reduce anxiety, stress and promote emotional health.

Access to my private schedule to reserve an Intuitive Reading, Reiki or Guided Meditation Session at a special rate.


My weekly Herbal/Essential Oil guide to help you tap into holistic healing.

Interviews with special guests to continue to help you level up

Early bird access to upcoming events.

Archive of previous content.

$ 10 per month
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