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Bob Rempel's Weekly Digest...for Leaders, Influencers, CEO's, those that Crush It, and all those that want to! - Issue #5


Bob Rempel's Digest...The Best Advice I Ever Received And So Much More!

December 3 · Issue #5 · View online

Incubating & Sharing Great Ideas & Information Here: For A Better World, For Better Business, For A Better You. (See Below For Our "About Bob Rempel & The RempelGroup Team")

This week we’re highlighting stories about systems and actions we need to take immediately to make the New Year great for business and our personal life.  Effective high-performance teamwork is the main byproduct of our “Crush The Competition…With Heart”  training retreats we offer in Ixtapa, MX or a location of your choosing. 
The Forbes story is a good read to get you to focus on how to get closer to having your own high-performance teams at your business or organization. 
For all the marketers out there, and that should be all of us in some form or fashion, we’ve listed two great reads on the state of marketing 2016 to help us set course for 2017 and even better results hopefully.  Plus our weekly summary of trending stories and other content.   
We hope you enjoy the read. We’d love to get your feedback. 
Let’s make December great!  Watch for another article from us in the next few days, published over at Linkedin, on way to take the Spirit of Christmas and benefit your business or organization, acting in a genuine way.   

How To Avoid Wasting Your December...
How to Avoid the “Holiday Shutdown” and Set Yourself Up for Your Best Year Ever | ASK METHOD | by Ryan Levesque
And Hit The Ground Running When The New Year Strikes!   What should you be focusing on right now? The next two weeks are a perfect time for this Reflective period, as it might be called.  Here’s a list from Ryan Levesque and Todd Herman, that I liked.  Here are some things you want to focus on:
• The 10 biggest wins in your business in the last year
• 3 top lessons you’ve learned
• The greatest influences that have had an effect on your business in the last year
• The smartest decision you made last year
• The biggest risk you took
• One word that best sums up and describes last year’s experience
• Three things you need to do less of in the next year
• Three things you need to do more of in the next year
• Three things you need to stop doing altogether in the next year 
Next steps: Before January 1.  List your key year-end goals and then make a detailed plan for the first 90 days of January.  At some point, you’ll need to decide how you want to involve your high-performance team members, your other staff and consultants, and your clients and customers in this process.  At the minimum, effective communication presented with a listening style is needed.
Have You Got Consistent High Performing Teams?
At your business or organization.  You are an exception, an outlier. You want to grow the business or develop a stronger more mission focused organization?
How To Build A High Performing Team: Hold Your Nerve And Think Big
Better Marketing for 2017...Here's Two Great Reads
8 Key Insights for Social Media Marketers from The State of Inbound 2016 Report
INBOUND 2016: Lessons from 20 World-Class Marketing Experts - The Mention Blog
both based on the same event: State of Inbound 2016. 
What's Trending Now In-Past 24 Hours-All Feeds
What's Trending Now in Business
What's Trending Now in Tech
What's Trending Now In Marketing News & Information-Past 24 Hrs
For Your Weekend Viewing
Get in the spirit of the season early. Why I love Bill Murray.  This speech is in the top 10 for certain.
Scrooged Christmas Miracle Speech - Get It - - YouTube
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