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Bob Rempel's Weekly Digest...for Leaders, Influencers, CEO's, those that Crush It, and all those that want to! - Issue #4


Bob Rempel's Digest...The Best Advice I Ever Received And So Much More!

November 26 · Issue #4 · View online

Incubating & Sharing Great Ideas & Information Here: For A Better World, For Better Business, For A Better You. (See Below For Our "About Bob Rempel & The RempelGroup Team")

Looking ahead, we’ve included an excellent Harvard Business Review for every leader at every level, on “How To Write Emails With Military Precision”.   Make your next week the week you really start communicating, making your leadership consultations and leadership actions clear.  
On behalf of our startup agency, Integrity, the one where Strategy and ROI stand at the top, we draw your attention to ensuring that you are fully optimized for your Websites and your Social Media presence. It’s the holiday season and for many the websites and messaging is busiest.  Start this week with an Audit.  Our holiday spirit this week gives you a detailed report with a full 55 minute consultation following for just $297.  A great way to get to know each other.
Looking back, the death of Castro in Cuba will continue to lay aside the past and likely help further open relations between the USA and Cuba over the long term .  In the short term, we would see that slow down somewhat after the Trump election.  
The Dakota Pipeline continues to draw world wide interest and heavy public support for the local people who oppose the pipeline routing.  It continues to be a major public relations disaster.  How do these NIMBY problems get repeated and repeated?  Speaking as a former energy company public relations and communications leader.

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