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Bob Rempel's Weekly Digest...for Leaders, Influencers, CEO's, Those That Crush It, And All Those That Want To! - Issue #13


Bob Rempel's Digest...The Best Advice I Ever Received And So Much More!

March 16 · Issue #13 · View online

Incubating & Sharing Great Ideas & Information Here: For A Better World, For Better Business, For A Better You. (See Below For Our "About Bob Rempel & The RempelGroup Team")

What do new restaurants, bars, food trucks, and other food service, where ever they are located, all want? Every table full; lineups at the takeout window, of course.  
Get the food and drink quality in place, offer good value, provide good friendly service and a warm hospitable atmosphere and your have just the foundation of a successful establishment. Everyone does that. It’s startling to know that over 60% of new restaurants and bars fail in the first year. 
How do you lure, I use the word purposely, New Customers into your business.  Never in, never a chance to turn them into a Lifetime Customer and a Fan of your Brand.   Today we have announced the launch of “The Paco Method System: From The First 5 Seconds To A Lifetime Customer” for all new and relaunching Restaurants, Bars, Food Trucks and other Food Service Establishments.  Plus it’s highly adaptable to other types of businesses.
Officially the launch is currently set for April 4, but we’re establishing relationships now with businesses that are ready to roll on using a well thought out and unique system to bring New Customers into their establishment. Contact us through our website or directly here:  As an incentive to become an early adopter, all signups in the next 3 weeks prior to launch receive a special Summary CheatSheet & Checklist for The Paco Method, and a waiver of our normal five figure setup fee.
To support that program we’re establishing another newsletter: Bi-Monthly Marketing & Communications Articles And Tips All Focused On Filling The Seats-Filling The Store-Filling The Appointment Calendar. Subscribe to this newsletter and you’ll also receive our “Paco Method: From The First 5 Seconds To A Lifetime Customer And Fan: Acquiring And Keeping The New Customer”, newsletter.

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