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Bob Rempel's Weekly Digest...for Leaders, Influencers, CEO's, Those That Crush It, And All Those That Want To! - Issue #12


Bob Rempel's Digest...The Best Advice I Ever Received And So Much More!

February 18 · Issue #12 · View online

Incubating & Sharing Great Ideas & Information Here: For A Better World, For Better Business, For A Better You. (See Below For Our "About Bob Rempel & The RempelGroup Team")

Welcome to our February 18, 2017 issue.  Our strategy and implementation work with business and organization is evolving to be more focused on specific types of businesses and locations.  You’ll see specific programs, workshops, and courses coming soon. With that, you will see more Newsletters, specifically for business owners and leaders in those specific types of business.  This newsletter, the Bob Rempel Weekly Digest, will continue to give the best information we’ve seen from key thought leaders and influentials in every field, plus our take on that information and what it could mean to you. 
To tease a bit on the aspects of our future plans.  On April 4, 2017 we’re unveiling a new marketing product & system for new & relaunching food trucks, restaurants and bars that will fill the seats and create lineups at their establishments. It’s all about capturing foot traffic using a great system that ties together ethical persuasion methods and the latest technology. You can sign up now to receive information in advance of the launch and early adopter bonuses and discounts as well as opportunities for some to beta test the program and be exclusive in their area.   Just go over to and enter your email and we’ll keep in touch.
I hope you enjoy this issue, and find the information shared, useful for your life and business.  To chat with us about your business and programs and the difficulties and challenges you might be facing, just book a time with me  on the Calendar above.  I’d be glad to learn about what you do and explore some of the solutions with you.

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