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Bob Rempel's Weekly Digest...for Leaders, Influencers, CEO's, Those That Crush It, And All Those That Want To! - Issue #10


Bob Rempel's Digest...The Best Advice I Ever Received And So Much More!

January 15 · Issue #10 · View online

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It’s the middle of January already in the near year.  By now many of us have lost the clear focus we had on the goals we wished to achieve in 2017.  It’s normal, the distractions of everyday living and working will do that.  Remind yourself to put on your Yearly Goal Lenses Once a Week and compare where you are now and where you wanted to be now, with the goal clearly in mind.  
We’ve got a launch date of a new product to help business everywhere attract new customers physically into their establishments.  I took advice and set a firm date for the launch of the Product.  So now I talk about our April 4 launch date to everyone, using my 30 second pitch talk.  The more I talk about it publicly, the more focused and determined I become to achieve it.  Go public with your goals! 
Enjoy our 10 issue.  Information from many different areas that will help you “Crush the Competition…with a dose of heart”.   What are your “Crush The Competition Strategies for 2017?   Would you like some help refining them and talk to someone about them?   Just book a time on my calendar above and we’ll get to know each other better in the process of talking about your business and how you can Crush it in 2017.  
For All Local Business: Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Lawyers, Plumbers, Electricians, Restaurants…and so many more.  We’ve recently co-published an extensive checklist style guide on How To Get Listed in the 15 Most Important Online Directories.  Starting with Google My Business. The most recent information is included. 
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