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❄️ The 0x Trade Widget; 💷 A History of Non-governmental money; 💢 Facebook Alternatives; 📄 A Decentralized Anonymous Credential System; 👼 Announcing the ECF grantees in Tokyo

March 24 · Issue #41 · View online
❄️ With forwarding contracts, 0x is abstracting away the required ETH to WETH conversion for trading ERC-20 tokens, one of the main friction points when trading in 0x-powered decentralized exchanges. Support for trading ERC-721 NFTs is coming as well.
💷 In the first of two posts on non-governmental money, Nick Szabo lists down examples of privately issued bearer promissory/bank notes, backed by metal, the closest historical analog to Bitcoin’s settlement layer, which he’ll write about in part two.
💢 More than anything else the recent Facebook mess is educating users on the consequences of trusting centralized networks, and rallying developers to build the alternatives that are on par, if not better than what users have and expect, with proper safeguards in place to prevent this from ever happening again.
📄 Inspired by decentralized ledger and cryptographic rules that powers Bitcoin, a 2013 paper proposed an anonymous credential system that allows users to securely and privately manage their digital identity, without the need for trusted third parties.
👼 Focusing on building out the infrastructure and increasing mindshare towards mainstream adoption, the Ethereum Community Fund will announce the initial set of grantees next week in Tokyo.
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