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⚡️ Learn Lightning through an abacus; 📹 Tezos's Kathleen Breitman at SXSW; 🤯 Monetize API requests with paypercall; 👩‍💻 Blockchain investment trumps tech; ⛓ Casper in Javascript

March 26 · Issue #43 · View online
⚡️ Learn how Lightning and its payment channels work through an abacus.
📹 Kathleen Breitman at SXSW talks about Tezos’s bumpy ride, the team, other blockchain projects, the future, and her advice to young founders.
🤯 paypercall, powered by Blockstream’s Lightning Charge (along with other recently announced LApps), allows a developer to request payment for an API request. This is one way that the next facebook can monetize itself without compromising user data.
👩‍💻 A case for funnelling a portion of Blockchain investments towards educating future technologists and on the continued support of those that are working hard at improving the infrastructure that projects will build on top of.
⛓ Understand how the proposed Casper TFG CBC consensus protocol might work by going through this early JS implementation.
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