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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - Issue #7

BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup
🚨🚨 Welcome to the another edition of the BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - where each week we share must-reads about NFTs, crypto, and more, lifted from our discord. 🚨🚨 Want access?

The Metaverse
Born In The Metaverse: Will RTFKT’s New Avatar Project Be The Next Big Thing In NFTs And Fashion?
Facebook’s vision of the metaverse has a critical flaw
Two of the biggest “metaverse investors” share their opinions on it.
The NFTs
We’re reaching the end of JPEG summer and we’re still seeing lots of NFT action! But that action is not just on Ethereum anymore. With ETH gas prices so high, other chains are hard at work launching/growing their own NFT ecosystems. This week, Solana had its first 7-figure NFT sale and Terra launched its first ever NFT project (called SpaceLoot)! When the dust settles, which chain do you think will come out on top? Tell us on Twitter @blockblockio.
Loot Explained 💫
Solana nets its first million-dollar NFT sale and it's for a Degenerate Ape
The Long Reads
The NFT Investor's Guide
"I made a mistake. NFTs are going to be much bigger than I anticipated."
The Value of NFTs Is Belonging
The Industry
How an NFT Will Give Rise To The Next Harry Potter or Star Wars
Do NFTs’ Crazy Valuations Make Them Art? A Leading Collector Says No
The Tweets of The Week
Tatyanna Dumas:
Clint Kisker:
The Savage Droids launch was a huge success. We sold out in under 30 minutes and were #1 trending on OpenSea.
Thank you to every team member and supporter who made it possible. We have been glowing for a week from the positive feedback (see some below :)) and can’t wait for what’s to come!
Join the Savage Dogs Discord to follow along with the community.
Don’t miss this blog post by BLOCK::BLOCK cofounder, Kaigani Turner, on why he decided to leave his job at Netflix to go full-time in Web3.
Why would I leave Netflix to sell jpegs on the Internet?
That's all folks! See you next week.
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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup

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