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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - Issue #20

BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup
Hey there, Friends Of BLOCK::BLOCK! This week was a big week for us, with the mxtter launch, and we totally didn’t get around to sending the Weekly Roundup out. But good news! We have a special edition for you. Stay tuned for an issue that’s all about mxtter, in just a day or two. Until then, here’s Fabiola, crypto-curious and based in Madrid with this short Sunday Edition!
The BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup is where each week we share must-reads about NFTs, crypto, and more, lifted from our discord. 🚨🚨 Want access?

The Metaverse
It’s an exciting (and confusing) time for both the startups and individuals building on top of the Metaverse, after all, we’re seeing improvements that a couple of years ago we would only have dreamt of being part of.
Meta's Novi, WhatsApp to Trial In-App Stablecoin Payments in US - Decrypt
The NFTs
I tend to be very interested in art and design. I love the way it can evoke emotion or a story from a simple shape or color combination, that’s why NFTs and everything surrounding this topic is amazing for me!
The NFT Generative Art Movement Is Challenging How We Think About Value
The Industry
If there’s an industry that never stops surprising me, it’s crypto. It’s amazing to watch the future being built every single day, and the speed at which it is happening, unbelievable! 
Kickstarter plans to move its crowdfunding platform to the blockchain – TechCrunch
OpenSea walks back on IPO plan following community backlash
That's for this short Sunday edition! See you in a few days!
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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup

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