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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - Issue #2

BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup
🚨🚨 Welcome to the second edition of the BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup - where each week we share with you must-reads about NFTs, DAOs, and more, lifted from our discord. 🚨🚨 Want access?

The Metaverse
Why You Should Care About the Metaverse
As Coca-Cola Auctions Its First NFT, More Brands Are Entering The Metaverse
The Drops
Fortune mints magazine covers as NFTs for latest issue
The NFTs
NFT Sales Top $1.2 Billion In July As Demand For Blockchain Games Soars
Psycheout - Aleksander | Axie Infinity
What a day.

@AxieInfinity is the first NFT project to hit $1Bn in
all-time NFT trading volume.

History in the making.

The Long Reads
You Anon by The New York Times
The Industry
A 'significant' upgrade to Ethereum activated today that will impact its supply—here's what crypto investors should know
Juicebox - Crowdfunding platform
PartyBid - Collective NFT bidding
The Tweets of The Week
Coopahtroopa 🔥ᴗ🔥
The social capital of owning a Punk is worth more than any amount of money.
NFTs = tokenized tribalism

Creators / Collectors / Investors who understand that will win

Technology that enhances human nature always comes out on top
Jess 🌱
Nfts, Play to Earn and Social DAOs will allow millions of people to earn their way into crypto.

It’s hard to overstate how big a deal this is.
Last week Block::Block‘s Chief of Staff, Carly Reilly (@carlypreilly on Twitter & Carly#8209 on Discord), headed to Miami for #hackweek to meet other awesome entrepreneurs. Connections were made, friendships were solidified, and fun was had!
Check out this 60 second compilation video of her trip and feel free to DM her with questions about the experience!
We have a new homepage! Check out the updated
We have a new homepage! Check out the updated
GM Everyone!! Exciting news. Introducing the first B::B artist takeover with our very own @lucasstoffel today. Keep it locked right here throughout the day. We've got some surprises in store too you won't want to miss!!
Getting ready to kick off a busy Saturday. We start our day with The Daily 5- everything you need to know today about NFTs, DAOs and more. It’s on the discord
That's all folks! See you next week.
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BLOCK::BLOCK Weekly Roundup

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